Snowy Scenes

In part to prove I’m still alive, a brief selection of snowy scenes from the marina this morning.

Music: “Lifting Dreams” by Aakash Gandhi from the YouTube music library.

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  1. David Johns or David Lean? Looked like it was from Dr Zhivago! I know you are branching out with your videos and since you were so good with beavers and hardly anybody is doing full justice to the natural history of the canal system may I humbly suggest a specific project for one part of it? There’s a fascinating little fish called the bitterling, non native, but not invasive, which has ended up in the Llangolen canal. Fancy doing a little expedition to track it down and tell its story? I’m sure CRT’s conservation people and the local wildlife trust would help out. It would be the Inland Waterway’s equivalent of looking for jaws except it’s a 3.5 inch fish that lays its eggs in mussels. Just a thought, no matter what you do it’ll be great and we’ll enjoy it, main thing is that you do too! All the best and thanks.

  2. Super shots thanks

  3. Peaceful and lovely video; narrowboats are so pretty with snow on thier roofs. BUT if they are being lived in with stoves and heating, and with the roofs being uninsulated, how come the snow does not immediately melt?

    • The roofs are not uninsulated, they have as much insulation as the rest of the boat (usually an inch or two of spray foam, or other similar types)

  4. Welcome back David. Beautiful vlog. However I, or my Mac, has a problem. Your vlogs don’t appear on my screen until up to a week after you’ve posted. Any ideas?
    Take care young man.

    • Hmm, how / where are you watching them? Directly on YouTube, here on this website, via links on Facebook or…? So when you say “don’t appear”, on what are they appearing for you?

      • Hello David, I watch via this website. Your vlogs appear usually a week or so after the posting date. So the Snowy Scenes ‘arrived’ on my Mac 5 days later on this website. One of the great mysteries of life methinks. Take care.

        • How very odd. They’re posted by me here on the same day / time as when they’re on YouTube etc (maybe within a few minutes, but usually here before I make it public on YouTube). I can only guess there’s some kind of cacheing going on in your browser maybe that only gets cleared out once a week or something?

  5. You asked for comments about whether to read the next story. Why don’t you just read another story from another book. Doesn’t sound like the kind of story we want to hear.

  6. Thanks for the proof of life! Looks much like the scene out my Minnesota, US window – except no canal.

  7. Thank you so much for your vlog, we have the cruiser nearest to the exit/entrance bridge and it’s so good to see that it’s ok, as we’re not allowed to come and check it! This was especially so when you you went out for the day at the end of the first lockdown. Very much appreciated.

    • Haha no worries. That must be so frustrating for you! If you need / want me to go and peer at anything particular on the boat to check it’s OK, just let me know. Cheers

      • Thanks for the offer. If you look inside it will look as if we’ve been burgled as , at the beginning of December, we emptied cupboards and up ended seating – something had been nibbling and made a nest! We put down some poison but, obviously, don’t know when we’ll be allowed back to check it, so I wouldn’t ask anyone to do that! We’ll just have to wait it out and see. Thanks though.

  8. Very pretty (almost).
    David i live in Melbourne Australia; in contrast it was 41 C here today with howling north wind!
    Not at all used to snow, not sure I could tolerate that sort of cold. lol. Thank you.

  9. Beautiful

  10. One of your best videos ever ….. thank you.

  11. So lovely and peaceful. My wife and I miss the snow – none in Virginia so far. Many thanks.

  12. Beautiful. Thank you.

  13. Looks just like Omaha, Nebraska. I hate winter but I would love being there nestled in a narrow boat, warm and cozy. I especially enjoyed seeing the ducks and swans. Great video and thank you David.
    Take care.

  14. What? It snows in the UK? Based on most of the TV shows we get here in America it’s always gorgeous and green, or maybe grey if it’s a brooding murder mystery. :) This footage is pretty neat.

    • It snows a lot in Scotland and the north of England, less so as you go south through the Midlands and beyond, in fact I haven’t seen snow like this in some years.

  15. I’ll miss the cruising! When visiting my other half in Danmark, we would cut into your vlog and enjoy every moment! It does make a difference when one no longer enjoys the adventure. Whatever you do in the future, you’ll do the best!! ❤️

  16. Michael S Garrison

    Your Vlog/video was a treat for us to watch. It’s a pleasure to see you are doing well. Your fan base in the U.S., Ava, Illinois looks forward to the next vlog. No canals here but we have Kinkaid Lake close. I have to deal with speed boats, some up to 70 mph. I like to see the wildlife at much slower pace.
    Please keep safe.
    Michael Garrison

  17. Oh you made my day…PP

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