Vlog 237: Just nod if you can hear me

I did a video about this very early on when I got the boat but I’ve changed the components since then so here’s the updated version.

Items used:
Poynting XPOL-1 omindirectional 4G LTE antenna: https://geni.us/CtC_PoyntingXPOL1
Zyxel LTE3302 N300 4G router: https://geni.us/CtC_Zyxel4GRouter

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  1. David
    Do you know if there is a way to get a 4g or Wi-fi signal into the boat without having a second phone/data contract?

  2. I am having trouble working out what LNB I need with single wire to Freesat but for a house.
    £30 a month, the bank manager will be having a fit !!! and with that posh drill he will be resigning ,; my wander there is no money !
    It is in China but not the drill money.

    Do or can boats run heating on 28 second oil, Domestic oil ? Not diesel or diesel oil.
    I think Diesel oil is or was Derv in the old days for those who’s dads (or mums) asked for” £5 of the four star please” glug glug “sorry sir I can only fit in £3.60”.
    Why I ask is we just changed to gas and I have one barrel of oil. 35 imp gallons (42 us gallons) 159 L.
    Your foil next to the fire seems to be doing a good job. Have you found any scorching behind on the wood. You may well have an heat proof panel behind. Must check your vlog on it way back I expect.

    • I don’t know the answer to the diesel oil question, you’d need to ask a competent mechanic, I think. I might depend on the specific engine.

  3. Loved the first three series. Not on social media, so contacting you this way to say these brought back many happy memories. First started cruising as a boy with my family on the Southern Oxford in 1963 when it was in a similar state to the Montgomery canal. Crystal clear water, water lilies everywhere and meeting one boat a day if you were lucky. A world apart from how busy it is today, we hired the boat from the BWB at Oxford who ran a small hire fleet at the time. Maintenance of locks etc very bad due to lack of money. Not been for a good few years now, and tended to use the lock free Ashby canal latterly. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for that, David. I normally go glassy-eyed with this sort of technology but it was riveting. Also, I didn’t know lithium batteries could potentially burst into flames! Another thing, can you leave the aerial in place whilst moving around or leaving the boat unattended?
    Merry Christmas and a Better New Year to you!

    • Merry Christmas! I take the aerial down while travelling as it’s on quite a long pole and would get ripped off under bridges / through tunnels. It’s fine to leave it otherwise. I suppose a thief could nick it but someone could nick anything if they really want to.

  5. Very interesting as usual David. Wishing you and everybody else a Happy Christmas and hopefully better 2021. Cheers again.

  6. A thoroughly enjoyable and informative DIY video David. I love how you are able to take what can be somewhat technical, and break it down in easy to understand terms. Well done you but . . . that’s what we have all come to expect from you :) Cheers Mate and thanks for this one .

  7. Good evening David. Ive looked for a way to send you an email, but its not immediately obvious – im sure by design – i can imagine the amount of contacts you have….anyway this popped up in my to watch list on youtube
    a strange looking widebeam! im a regular commenter on your cruising the cut videos on youtube(JC_Derby)

    also – i had wondered could you not install some sort of power line carrier – using the existing wiring for the poor signal at the rear of the boat

  8. The other comment I had has to do with the Netgear router.
    The Lithium batteries seem all to be engineered to be inside a sealed bag presumably to trap the off gases when the battery is over charged repeatedly as you noted. This is the bain of many smartphone and particularly iPhones at least up to the 5s which I use. I use this phone and my wife a 5 because that is all we need and they are compact and don’t need a manspurse to carry. I can buy refurbed iPhone 5s for about £60 here with a new battery and a 1 yr warrant. But the real trick is scheduled maintenance. I have it on my calender to order batteries from eBay for both phone every 2 yr and they cost about £4-6 and I change them out whether the bag around the battery is puffy or not. It takes about 10 minute and the trick is to use a soft cloth as work surface so when you drop a tiny screw it does not bounce off the table onto the floor where it can take hours to find and it also allows you to map the location of the screws as you remove them because it matters where they go back.
    If the bag expands large enough it becomes the equivalent of an airbag used to lift trainers in transport trucks and forces the face glass off the frame of the phone and then all hell breaks loose.

    • Yikes. I have an iPhone SE (the original SE) and have never considered its battery but maybe I should have a go at getting inside it…

      • A 5s and an SE are essentially different only in that the SE has some minor upgrades and is a tad slimmer but the principals of battery change are the same.
        I buy batteries off of eBay and usually they will provide tools for about £7.50 vs, a fortune from an Apple dealer and about £13 from Amazon usually without the tools, The pentalob screwdriver is critical to have to get it open.
        Here is a link. As I said do it on a nice soft double folded terry cloth towel so if you drop the screws they don’t bounce! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJBWl4_Pg1U

  9. David, Great explanation of the way things work.
    This is in Canuck bucks aka Loonies but this is a small investment for a hand set of reamers that would have come in handy for expanding the hole for your cables.

    Hotbestus 3PCS HSS Step Drill Bit Set, Multiple Hole 29 Sizes Cone Titanium Coated High Speed Steel, 3-12mm/4-12mm/4-20mm, Multi-Functional Industrial DIY Metalworking,Quick Change 1/4″ Shank

    • Cheers. I do intend to get some of those. In this instance, I had to go through not just the metal and then some insulation (easy!) and then a bit of internal woodwork so a conical shaped drill wouldn’t have been right.

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