Vlog 236: Your Plastic Pal Who’s Fun To Be With

An alternative to the tradition steel narrowboat, fibreglass (GRP) cruisers are long-established on British canals and rivers. Often cheaper to buy, both new and used, but with drawbacks such as a more fragile construction and less suitability for living aboard, especially in winter, they are a popular choice particularly on rivers. In this video, I speak to a chap who bought a Viking 26 and absolutely loves it.

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  1. I was totally unaware that the Sirius Cybernetics Corporation made fiberglass cruisers. :-)

  2. I’m always cautious when going into a lock with a GRP boat. If I can I will always go in first that way it’s less risky. I wouldn’t want to hit one. Steel versus GRP. Interesting vlog as usual David.

  3. But David, you already have your cozy narrowboat! (And a van waiting for you ashore,) why would yt want another boat??

  4. Interesting video. I see the GRP cruisers are 6’10”, so will fit in the canals and locks, but you don’t mention the height above water? Do you know if these boats fit underneath the lowest bridges & tunnels? Harecastle tunnel?

    Love the vlog, and have just discovered the Vandemonium one as well, so currently working my way through those.

    • The headroom inside is less than a narrowboat due to their shallower draft, and the canopy and windscreen come down for tunnels. I am assured they fit!

  5. Many years ago I read an article about cruising and what I remember was the comment that the enjoyment comes from being alone or being with others and not so much the boat. We had decent boats but always seemed enjoy and ad hoc evening with some beer, wine maybe some tube steak and in. a pinch sardines with some bread and cheese and the weather never mattered.

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