Vlog 235: The Chair with the Panda on it

For those on small or disconnected canals, who want a boat that can be taken out of the water easily and moved elsewhere, there is the Wilderness Trailboat; an incredibly cute, fibreglass (GRP) lightweight craft that you can practically put in your pocket!

Wilderness Boats: www.wildernessboats.co.uk
Wildness Owners’ Club: www.wilderness.org.uk
Clearwater Boats: www.clearwaterboats.net

Many thanks to Ruth and Jackson for arranging all the filming for me, and all the participants for their time on that very soggy day over the summer!

Curious about the video’s title? It’s a deliberately obscure (and somewhat geeky) reference, left as an exercise for the viewer to work out.

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  1. Dr. Who?

  2. You might want to tell the wilderness club that their website is blocked for foreign visitors – ‘Access from your area has been temporarily limited for security reasons.’

    Not sure what kind of security reasons that could possibly be?

  3. Well I’m blessed. We started our canaling with a 20 foot Springer Waterbug many, many years ago – ‘Norma Jean’. Steel with a Yamaha outboard and could fit onto a trailer. We now have a 39 footer ‘conventional’ narrowboat. When we look back on our Springer ‘time’ I wonder how we managed to fit everything in. Lovely little boat, could turn on a sixpence so winding holes were obsolete! Watching your vlog brought loads of memories back. Well done as usual David.

  4. Beautifully done, thank you I loved learning about these boats. Something I could manage. How interesting.

  5. Oh boy, I really like those small boats. Great video, very informative.
    Thanks David.

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