Vlog 233: Tide Up

In this vlog I take the narrowboat through Newark-on-Trent and head to Cromwell lock, where the river becomes tidal. That would be my end point for this session of cruising videos before I stopped for winter. More videos will be forthcoming nonetheless.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/E5oLGhGUe1MgwA378
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/MqNm5UKMtUdnHquU8

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  1. Hello David my name is Allan White. I have been following your channel for four years now, And have enjoyed them all very much. They are very interesting and informative. I live in Rotorua in central north island of New Zealand. My Dad was from Reading in Berkshire and he lived very close to the lock and spent many hours helping the lock keeper putting boats through, And I am very keen to visit your part of the world and catch up with you and some of the other canal boaters who do YouTube channels. I don’t know if I will ever get to do that but I can see how lovely Village and country side and it is just being there. keep up the great work, regards Allan.

  2. David, as others have commented, let me add my thanks for the solace from the world we live in these days. Always look forward to your vlogs.
    Where will you winter this year?
    All the best.

    • Cheers; I’m moored in the Midlands, as usual (it’s convenient for getting back to see my parents, who live in different parts of the country)

  3. As usual David a very good vlog. Thanks for keeping us all sane during current events. I’m due in hospital December 4 for major surgery – yipee just before Christmas! So I will be running through your vlogs again afterwards. Keep up the good work young man and thanks again.

  4. I just sent an email to ‘Narrowboat Experience’, “A shop on Amazon to make money”. I get nothing out of this except the satisfaction of helping. Direct mail me for the full text: “I’m simply a fan of yours on YouTube and wanted to suggest this easy way to make some extra money. I benefit in no way other than knowing I helped you. It will take you about 15 minutes for you to verify it is worth your time to do it.” In short David, become an Amazon ‘Associate’, then an Amazon ‘Influencer’. Then provide viewers with the link to your Amazon page. (Your welcome in advance).

    • Cheers. I am already an Amazon associate as you can see from the links in each video description and here on the website.

  5. So this will be your mooring for the next few months? Or you’re just not going to film any more movement?

  6. You were right about that house being costly. 850,000. It’s very lovely but quite far above the average snack bracket.

  7. I really like your latest video I guess things are locking down there, They are here in BC Canada. (two weeks) I liked the van stuff also as I built custom van back in the day as well as boats and an ultra light but I like the canals the most …relaxing.

    why do narrow boats have different numbers of rings on chimines ?
    Good luck with future works just ian

    • Thanks Ian. Yes, England is in lockdown, Wales is just coming out of lockdown and I’m not sure what Scotland is up to! The chimney rings question I don’t know the answer to but I think it’s just decorative.

  8. I love seeing all the old buildings of England. Unlike the Americans who disregard old buildings in favor of a parking lot, doesn’t make sense to me.
    The scenery was beautiful…!
    Another very enjoyable video of crusing the cut, thanks David…!

    • Thanks Jim. It has to be said we seem to like new car parks too but there are organisations here which have the legal power to “list” a structure as being of historic interest which immediately puts restrictions on what can be done with it.

  9. Thanks for a wonderful season. Not getting out much due to COVID-19, I enjoyed your cruising even more!

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