A Spooky Tale of Paranormal Matters At Sea

Just a quick bonus Halloween video of me reading a short ghost story from Project Gutenberg. First time I’ve tried this so I hope it’s OK. Cheers

Story: https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/44625

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  1. If I’m feeling a bit “off”,I watch an episode of “Cruising the Cut”,and allways feel content and relaxed by the end. I so enjoy your polite manner and interesting remarks. Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you David.! Loved the reading and, of course, had to immediately order the book so I can read the story again (and whatever else is between the pages) Great idea. Looking forward to next Halloween….

  3. Excellent David. Over the winter months can we have some more, ghostly or otherwise. Very well done.

    • Cheers Barry. Possibly; a handful of people have really hated the story time idea so I’m considering setting up another channel for readings.

  4. Brian and Tricia St. Amour

    My wife and I started watching your vlogs about 10 months ago. We enjoy your videos and look forward to watching them throughout the week. You’ve done a wonderful job ranging from your narrations to your video technique. Thank you so much for your time and talent. We feel like you’re part of the family. Best regards

  5. Stranger things happen at sea!

    Or so the saying goes!

  6. Please more of this, great job a fireside story.

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