Vlog 231: White Water Narrowboating

Just to be clear, and to avoid spurious accusations of “click bait”, I do believe it fairly obvious that there will be no actual travelling down any white water in my narrowboat in this video. “White water narrowboating” is very clearly an oxymoron.

With that out of the way, this is my trip from Beeston through Nottingham (on the canal) and out to Holme lock (on the River Trent)

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/eQ2xqKM7smLMcFAs6
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/v9hhkM4zQ6o6nyRz8

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  1. Hello David. I’m going to have a moan! Not about your excellent vlogs but about people/organisations in the UK who find it impossible to fly the Union Jack up the correct way! The Trent cruising boat in your vlog – flag upside down! Sorry David but I do get annoyed as you can probably tell. All the best.

  2. David I have to say . . . I found this vlog far more interesting than usual, I mean this one rates a Perfect Ten ! Now you and Nadia Com─âneci share something in common. I truly enjoyed and was awe inspired by the beautiful architecture in Nottingham and those buildings which had been converted to office space . . . I’d love living in a Condo conversion like this. I am so glad you chose not to don your Speedos and hop into that whitewater, that turbulent water surely attracts a more virile crowd I suppose than you and I. Thanks so much for this one, it was a well-needed treat.

  3. Really nice to see parts of the Trent and surrounding areas I have known all my life – thank you. Looking forward to the next Vlog. Hoping you are going to carry on through Stoke, Gunthorpe and on to Fiskerton (nice pub there)!

  4. You have to wonder about the barbed wire next to the berth earlier in the video – do they think there’s some canal going arch criminals going to steal their wares?

  5. It is so different watching the narrowboat on the river. You can hear the slapping of the waves against the boat, and its so wide compared to the canal’s. Was awesome to see the white water course. Nice to watch, wouldn’t want to be in it. :-))))

    • It was so windy! I couldn’t hear the water slap from the back so was quite surprised at how loud it was when I played the recording back :-)

  6. A joy to behold – as always :-)

  7. I don’t clean my coffee spoon either until it gets really bad.
    Nice video….cheers….!

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