224. At last! Painting the boat roof

A few weeks ago, I sanded down and touched up a load of rusty spots on my narrowboat’s roof but I didn’t then have the chance to finish the job and overcoat the whole thing in its entirety. I was also unsure what paint to use. Now, at last, I have had a few days of decent weather and got the whole thing done.

Paint: International Interdeck Squall Blue https://geni.us/CtC_InterdeckBlue

Main theme: “Vespers” by Topher Mohr and Alex Alena
Gypsy Dance by Topher Mohr and Alex Alena
Glen Canyon by Dan Lebowitz
Entire by Quincas Moreira
(All from the YouTube music library)

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  1. Where do you buy your tee shirts? I love the extra ventilation on the armpit! I want one. Thanks again David

    • Haha I think the issue there is that I *don’t* often buy t-shirts and therefore they develop this ventilation system of their own accord!

  2. We have been bingeing your wonderful vlogs (and especially love the real-time non-vlogs) as we’ve dreamed of a narrowboat holiday after a magical day on the Llangollen canal which included crossing the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, but are unlikely to make it back to the UK any time soon while the ‘Rona infests the planet.
    Anyway, I’m intrigued by the traditional painting on canal boats. Google has a lot about the rose and castle motifs (I’m with you on not liking fancy florals) but not the circles on the bows – eyes? – the diamonds, or the fancy arches painted on and around the stern double-doors of some boats. BTW I do like Wreyland’s much more elegant style and colour scheme.
    I really enjoyed the vlog you did on the different styles of boats – maybe we could have one about the traditional decorations and their origins?

  3. Petra Dresselhuys

    I love Cruising the Cut. Living in Holland life on a narrowboat and experiencing this fantastic canal network appeals very much to me. Thanks for your excellent vlogs! Kind regards, Petra

    • Hello Petra. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy the videos. I want to come over to Holland and do videos there one day :-)

  4. Thank you for showing us life on a narrow boat, I’ve enjoyed it and hope to watch all of your video’s. It appears to be a nice close-knit community of friendly people. Being from the landlock area of Kansas USA I am fascinated by the concept. I do have a few questions, please forgive me if you have answered them before.
    Keep up the outstanding work.

    1. How is the crime, it appears that the narrow boats might be easy pray for break-ins, theft?
    2. Some of the boats seem to disarray, is there a transit population among the narrow boaters?
    3. How do you cook, not just warming up meals?
    4. I see you have a TV antenna but no Satellite antenna, is there a reason other then cost?
    5. How offend do you go to the store for food or is it delivered?
    6. Is there a “Royal” narrow boat? I could just see Prince William at the helm, racing down the canal at 3mph?
    7. Would a CCTV on the front of the boat help in navigation?
    8. How are narrow boats with storms, winter, rough weather?
    9. Can you / Do you moor and jump off for a pint at some the local pubs?
    10. Why don’t they have running light or brighter lights on the bow, stern?
    11. Do many people have homes with private slips for mooring their narrow boat?
    12. Seems light there are some homes along the canals and the people seem to embrace the boaters, do they come down and just watch or what?

    • Hi.
      1. It depends where you moor and how long you leave the boat unattended
      2. No but not every narrowboat owner is wealthy
      3. I don’t cook much
      4. No interest in satellite TV, besides I can get it all over the Internet (Prime, Netflix etc)
      5. Weekly-ish
      6. No such boat
      7. It’s arguable but I know of few boats with one
      8. Fine, the canals are too narrow to have any big waves
      9. You can but I’m not a pubgoer
      10. You only need a light for the tunnels
      11. Not slips but some homes have moorings at the end, yes
      12. Oddly, most folk with homes by the canal seem to largely ignore it

  5. Good job David. After spending 53 years in the paint industry I was very interested in this video. You could let the paint “set up” for about 14 days at which time you would be able to walk on it with no problems. It looks great and a good color for reflecting the light.
    By for now…cheers!

    • Thanks. It has now had more than 14 days since I painted it (and have not walked on it) so hopefully all’s well. Cheers

  6. When you said you were sanding the roof by hand – you really meant it !
    I was expecting your marvelous sanding machine to come out.

    What’s happened to your nice shiny flue ?

  7. I suspect you may find the lighter roof a bit of a boon on bright sunny warm days as it will be more reflective and less heat absorbing than the darker roof.

  8. David, sharp looking paint job! Well done.
    You did Bob Ross well. He’d be proud. Maybe you can get someone to paint a happy little squirrel on the freshly painted roof.


  9. Very nice job. Painting takes lots of patience, and you obviously have lots more than I do.

  10. I laughed till I cried over the levitating across the roof. Thanks. I never stay within the lines either. Great job. Have fun trying not to walk on the roof. :-))))))) LOL.

    • Thank you! The bit I was most annoyed with myself at was that I put masking tape round the brackets for the solar panels – and then took the roller between them and went way over the tape so now the brackets are painted half way up, with a clean strip where the tape was!

  11. Your dry, humourous wit is appreciated by more than yourself sir!!
    As for the roof. A job well done there I say. Glad to see that you managed to acquire a suitable paint. Which I am sure, (much to your dismay)
    , show up every single tread a d friction mark from your footfall.
    To combat this, I remember uncle Steven, after his boat roof repaint, (seemingly many eons ago now), to combat this problem, acquired several rolls of transparent, none slip shower/bath matting. I’M sure you know the stuff. With the vacuum suction cups on the reverse side. Laid out in a pathway over the walking area of the roof will give added protection against marks., added protection and grip.
    Was easily removed after each day and rolled back out the next… and hardly noticeable.
    Maybe something to consider David.
    Anyway, great video and excellent result.
    Kindest regards,
    Daren Henley

    PS: Nice to see the dro e getting some airtime again.

    • Cheers. I was going to say “but putting anything down will trap moisture” but then you mentioned he always removed it at the end of cruising, which would sort that problem. So yes, maybe some sort of rollable mat down the side of the roof – I will look into my options. Cheers!

      • Your more than welcome David. . I know it kept his roof in pristine condition for many extra additional years while out cruising . .
        It’s held securely in place by underside suction cups and has a 4/5mm airgap between the bottom matting underside and whatever it is laid on, providing adequate ventilation to prevent the build up of any moisture between the 2 surfaces..

  12. A long handled roller might have been the answer! Best experience I’ve ever had of watching paint dry. Loved the Bob Ross homage x

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