Vlog 222: The Lion Sleeps Tonight

An episode in which, despite wind and rain, I boated on like a trooper to get from Otherton to Autherley, including the extremely narrow section that’s barely wide enough for one boat just before you get to Autherley.

To see the LHCRT video, click here; to watch the prior trip from Autherley to Stourport, click here

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/tx4qpDsgaGo8g4er8
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/Q2MUqq7qsD5Ht3L87

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  1. Thanks for all the vlogs David. I love the style of commentary. I’ve never seen any anglers on the clips, are there none?
    Regards Howard

    • There are lots! I have shown them before but I never do any close-ups because I always try to avoid singling out anyone specifically.

  2. Another lovey video, David; narrow boating as it is. Lots of subtle humour. Keep up the good work x.

  3. Obviously no wide beams there! Is it just for topographical reasons it’s such a tight fit there?

    • Solid rock, hewn by hand (and pickaxe) at the time of the canal’s construction hence only made as wide as necessary.

  4. A great little jaunt through, as per usual, some fantastic scenery David.
    I must say also, that it appears of late that you are transforming into a regular David Attenborough crossed with Dr Doolittle. . . . Attracting quite the menagerie of assorted visiting wildlife along your travels… From the somewhat forlorn bumblebee and weary painted lady (i believe) butterfly to the surprisingly bold & somewhat brasen Heron. .
    A nice vlog as per usual. Just a shame you can not count on the predictions of the meteorological forecasts. . .
    Enjoy exploring what will be a new stretch of canal for you.
    May the weather be fortuitous and favourable for you.
    Many thanks as always for your uploaded vlog. & the time and effort put into its production . .
    Kindest regards,

  5. by the unamed chem plant there were security cameras in the foliage. For security against evil people. Unless your eye is trained you’d not see them.
    I love a mystery Scooby-Doo ! Your looking fit and alway be well cheers from across the pond

  6. I have thoroughly enjoyed monitoring your trek across the UK… I am in the process of convincing my wife of 52 years to hire a narrowboat for a 4-6 month sojourn around the canals… Please keep healthy and continue your episodes as there are many of us out here watching you

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