Vlog 214: A Cruise to Amuse

On Wednesday 13th May, the lockdown restrictions on the English waterways were relaxed slightly to permit day trips (no overnight stays away from a home mooring) for leisure boaters. As I’m currently moored in a marina where I’d stopped for winter, I am following those guidelines rather than the Continuous Cruising rules. Anyway I took the opportunity to fire up the narrowboat and do a five-hour cruise down towards Fazeley Junction and back.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/5rRJQsQ5a9sXp1A46
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/zxLvThqwryCV4g4j9

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  1. I am loving that I can live vicariously through you wonderful blogs. I will never make it to the UK but do so enjoy joining you on your delightful trip down your lovely canal network. Your wit and humor always bring me joy, thank you for that

  2. Loved your little day out. So peaceful and could hear the birds sing. Thank goodness no, so called, back ground music to spoil it all.

  3. Wonderful to see you back on the water David.
    One thing that saddens me somewhat amongst all the enjoyment and pleasure of cruising is there are scenes that remind me of LTC Rolt’s book Narrowboat. It was published 6 weeks after I was born so you can figure out my age. It is wonderful to have a new passion in life at my age
    In the book Rolt comments that you can tell the true boatman and those who were eking an existence, often as squatters, by the condition of the boats he passed,. Typically as I recall he described these folk as people who had left the country sides for the cities in search of work. The boatman’s boats would be in grand condition while the others not so much.
    Today, as we go by boats today that part of life seems not to have improved for many which is a sad comment on how we have not necessarily progressed as a society.

  4. David, Pog Mo Thoin is an Irish saying equivalent to “kiss my arse”. Sorry but you did ask.

  5. Thank you so much. We have planned to take our yearly trip from Oregon to the Midlands for our 12th narrowboat trip, but it seems everything is against us particularly the fact that at least as your Government now states we would have to quarantine ourselves for two weeks in a hotel before doing anything. The cost of that is beyond thinking. So far the hire company is being optimistic and will happily put our deposit forward a year. We have been good customers for them for quite a few years. A year is a bloody long time to wait for anything. I hope you will have more cruises to share soon.

    • How frustrating! The quarantine requirement hasn’t come into force yet but the canals aren’t opening until at least June 1st anyway. I’m not sure what cruising I’m going to do because I suspect now they’re relaxing the lockdown we’re going to have a second wave of infections and might all end up locked down fully again (in which case I don’t want to be stuck somewhere awkward) so I’m going to be cautious about going out for a bit. Cheers!

    • Any tips for a first timer doing the hire bit? Lots of experience working a wide beam on the Thames, K &A and the GUC but looking to hire next year.

      • I think if you’ve already done the K&A etc then there’s nothing I can suggest that you’ll need to know about doing it on a hire boat. Cheers

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