Attemping to bake bread

After a surprising number of requests from viewers in my Lockdown vlog for me to film a bread-making video, I decided to retrieve such footage from my archives of when I first attempted the process about a year or so ago. There’s no quality to this production at all because it was never really intended for wide distribution but so many folk said “just upload anything” that I have. So it’s your own fault, really.

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  1. I laughed my Canadian ass off at this video!! Thanks David…your humour (note the extra “u” !!) Is great and I enjoy your show with the narrow boats…relaxing and fun! Great way to see bits of the UK Cheers!

  2. Thanks David that was great. Thanks for making me smile today. Cheers…!

  3. Craig Worsley-Grace

    Thank you for this video, it made me feel better about my attempts to bake. Very amusing!

    I have been enjoying your videos from Hervey Bay Queensland Australia.


  4. Good effort with the bread David. I make bread at home to take on our narrow boat but for a first attemp you did very well. To stop the loaf burning you either need to turn in around 180 degrees or get a fan assisted oven. Cheers.

  5. So far as I can ell, you glossed right over the ingredient list where it “sugar” several times.

    • No, I clearly read out “sugar” in the ingredients list at the start and said “I don’t have any sugar” and then carried on.

  6. I’m so glad you shared this, David. Clearly it pays to harken to your audience. I’m flicking this on to my granddaughters, far, far away.

  7. I do believe you did quite well!!!! I just throw stuff in a bowl, and 99% of the time it turns out… I would eat your loaf of bread any day… Yeah Shakespeare, on to act II… Loved this video!

  8. You just gotta love British humor! This was definitely worth sending out. Thanks!

  9. Thanks for posting the bread video. Very entertaining.

    Also, I think everyone might enjoy seeing videos of archival best scenery clips, or most interesting boat clips, etc.

  10. Looks Good. Have you ever tried sour dough bread?

  11. Great video David.
    Top tip. The average small kitchen spoon is pretty close to 1 tsp. From there it is a rule of 3 to 1. 3 Tsp = 1 Tablespoon. The purist will howl but for the most part one small kitchen spoon is all you need to do most recipes.
    I was wondering. You commented a cake was ruined and clearly your oven is hotter at the rear than at the front. Perhaps it might be worth considering rotating items baking in your over at the mid point of the baking time.
    The bread looked great and as one who likes his toast very well toasted, the dark crust would suit me just fine.

    • Cheers. Yes, I enjoyed the burned crust as well, as it happens. And, rest assured, every attempt since also involves rotating the bread as it bakes!!

  12. Oh this was just plain hysterical David ;) I laughed several times and found it all quite entertaining! Move over Martha Stewart, you’ve just been replaced :O Keep these coming David, perhaps you could do stuffed Cornish Game Hens next. I’d suggest stuffing them with wild rice, minced mushrooms and maybe even some bacon bits.

  13. I thought that was brilliant. I enjoyed it very much. For a nice flavor try adding a couple of spoonfuls of honey. Also you might like a 1 lb bread machine like the zojirushi. Just throw in the ingredients and a few hours later out pops a fresh loaf. Even easier than going to Tesco!

    • I tried a bread machine once before and didn’t have good results with it but perhaps it was the machine. I tried a couple of times, following the recipe exactly :-(

      • Hilarious video and cheered me up no end.
        Probably lacking sugar hence a little bland and me thinks a new oven is in order if you wish to continue home cooking.
        A great effort though for a first attempt although I suspect it’s back to Tesco for future bread needs.
        Keep up the good work and stay safe.

  14. Lovely bread making vlog, David, and not a bad loaf at the end! Just a few comments from my baker partner for anyone seriously wanting to make bread.
    – A heavy duty mixer will take the effort out of it all.
    -Always use fresh yeast if you can access it.
    -Never add sugar with fresh yeast.
    With a mixer, mix for 10 minutes, rest it for 4 mins, mix again for another 4 mins, rest again for 2 mins. Take it out and divide into the greased tins or into rolls, cover it with your tea towel and prove on a warm surface or oven at about 37oC until it has doubled in size Pop in an oven at about 235-240 oC for about 30 minutes. Check it isn’t burning!
    Apparently, the reason for kneading/mixing the dough for that length of time activates the yeast and gluten to develope the air in the bread, otherwise it ends up like a brick.
    Hope this helps!

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