Vlog 211: Walking the Cut

Filmed entirely on a DJI Osmo Action camera – which has the most amazing stabilisation – with a Rode Videomicro microphone, this is a recording of the first brief walk I took after completing 14 days of self isolation having come back from overseas. The weather was beautiful, the birds were chirping like crazy but the waters were almost totally still. Hopefully this is a nice little background video to bring a window of peace and calm into your day.

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  1. Great video, unbelievable how stable the camera is while you’re walking.

  2. Hello David. Our cruising plans are on hold for reasons we all know. So, the next best thing was watch again all of your vlogs. Got us sort of cruising! I took up your idea of a dry bilge and found that nappies work really well in soaking up water! well done and please keep up the good work.

  3. Hello David.

    I’m intending buying a liveaboard for continuous cruising once lockdown’s over and I’ve just found your vlog, which is amazingly helpful; thank you.

    In one of your earliest postings you had the boat taken out of the water for survey and painting/repairs etc. I think you said you paid £168 or thereabouts. Was there also a daily charge, because you seem to have been on dry land a good while?


    • Lift-out costs vary depending on the marina and location. If it’s just out for survey, you’ll probably get a fixed price, if you need to stay out for more time then I’d expect to pay an ongoing charge, yes.

  4. In any of your videos have you followed part of the route of LTC Rolt’s Narrow Boat while reading extracts from his book? The late Mr Rolt sounds like a bit of a grumpy old man, somewhat of a kindred spirit in other words. Love the show and am sorry Sydney missed out. With the fantastic weather we have been having, it’s a pity there are no canals here.

    • I have not, I didn’t warm to him and his book and stopped half way through!

      • I have been having somewhat of the same reaction. I have it on my iPhone and read the odd sentence, paragraph, chapter when in enforced idleness at bus stops and similar.

        Wikipedia tells me “He is also regarded as one of the pioneers of the leisure cruising industry on Britain’s inland waterways, and as an enthusiast for both vintage cars and heritage railways.” so perhaps he is owed a little homage.

        You could have the last say. I am sure you would enjoy that.

  5. Blessings David, stay safe and well, Miss the UK (ex USAF)

  6. Thanks, David, for continuing to post your vlogs. As others have commented, great relief from the tedium of being sheltered in place.

    P.S. The camera stabilization IS truly amazing!

    • As I walked along I was certain the footage would be bumpy in some parts because I lost my footing or stumbled etc. I was truly gobsmacked to see not a single substantial wobble in the recording!

  7. Thank you , David for the entertaining vlogs. It’s even more appreciated during this isolation. Stay well.

    • Thanks Dorothy. Hope you’re OK too.

      • There are many navigable rivers and canals in Europe, do any English narrowboaters take their boats to the continent to travel around?

        • Although a few brave (foolhardy?!) souls have taken their narrowboats across the English channel, they are definitely not suited to open water and are likely to sink without modification and a calm day. Thus you’d need to ship the narrowboat across first. Some folk have done this but I don’t know any personally.

    • David,
      thanks for taking us along on your walk. I’m home teleworking and find it hard to leave my desk during the day but I really should take a walk too. Even a half an hour would be good. You do not make much noise so I don’t understand why your narrowboat neighbors would get upset with you just walking by. It’s not like you were any louder that that boat that passed you!

      • It’s not the noise. The issue is that having been told to stay at home except for a small amount of daily exercise, the towpaths (in more urban locations, admittedly) have been deluged with hoards of people, cyclists, runners who would not normally be there and the boaters – whose only escape from home is out onto the towpath – are feeling somewhat pressured and trapped by the torrent, not helped by people coming by coughing, wheezing, spitting (runners!) and so on.

  8. Bruce P Landau RT (R) ARRT

    Lovely walk, wear a mask when you go for groceries , chemists or anywhere in public.

  9. So peaceful, so tranquil. Loved this one David and thank you for this. So many of us are blessed to see the English countryside and nature in all its’ glory, if even just vicariously.

  10. Glad to see you back in Blighty & on the canals. Stay safe….

    • And you too :-)

      • Thank you so much for your wonderful videos. David.
        We are sheltering in place in a 2 bedroom condo here in the USA . I I watched your first 2 seasons on Amazon prime. I enjoyed them immensely. Helps to keep my stress level Down and for that I thank you very much. I will be watching for season 3.

        • Hi. Thank you. There’s actually lots more to come in Season 2 – I have uploaded episodes 3, 4 and 5 with 6 also now ready and 7 nearly done. The trouble is that Amazon can take weeks to make them go “live” as they manually check everything that’s uploaded. PLus the virus will no doubt have made things take even longer, unfortunately. They’ll get there in the end… cheers

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