Vlog 210: Lockdown

This is a day in the life of a narrowboater who’s self isolating having come back from overseas. There’s not a lot to do so it mostly involves eating, drinking tea and watching the telly.

Watch Gone with the Wynns at www.youtube.com/GoneWithTheWynns

Music used:
Breakfast sequence: Tupelo Train by Chris Haugen
Lunch sequence: Cancun by Topher Mohr and Alex Alena
Both from the YouTube music library.

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  1. Hi David, loved this vlog. I especially like this one because I would love to live on a narrow boat and would if not for my geological location, ( Omaha Nebraska ) money and my age. ( 72 )
    If I were a rich man I would sell everything move to jolly old England buy a narrow boat and live out my days.
    Thanks for all the vlogs you create, very interesting…!

  2. Hubby and I have been binge watching your canal boat series here in TN while on lockdown. We’ve rented a narrow boat 3 times and have learned a lot of tips from your series. If we ever get to travel to the UK again, we’ll definitely rent a boat again.

  3. I love your vlogs and glad you got back safely. This is a bit contraversial but if you put the milk in your tea before the water you won’t get those indelible tea stains…

    • Haha ooh no, can’t put milk in first then the water goes off boiling point and that’s crucial to a nice cup of tea!

  4. Jeffrey Doornbos

    If ever I were to visit you on your boat, would you be able to make me a cup of coffee? Tea makes me jittery.

  5. I’ve followed your vlog for a while, really enjoying it. First time I’ve commented. I have to say that , as a trained soprano myself, you have a pleasant baritone voice- don’t be too hard on your singing – with a very decent vibrato!

    Keep vlogging and stay safe!

  6. Hi David:
    We enjoy your VLOGS, having originally found you on your Netflix series. I’m probably posting this in the wrong place but expect you can sort it out.

    We are in the US Washington state on the Columbia river and have a 33′ powerboat. I noticed that a lot of the narrowboats sit lower aft than forward so I’m wondering if you walk ‘uphill’ going forward or that is taken into account when the boats are fitted out? Our boat sits much lower aft as well but is designed so the interior floor is basically level with the water. Any thoughts on this?

    • There is a very slight tilt to the boat (and it does also depend hugely on how full the water tank is as these tend to be placed in the well deck, so the boat is more level when full). Also, most of the boats do also have a design style that suggests the boat rises more than it actually does; the baseplate and thus the interior floor will in all likelihood be virtually flat even when the lines of the steel suggest otherwise. Cheers!

  7. Thanks, David, for continuing to post your vlogs during this time. It is a pleasant relief from the isolation my wife and I are experiencing in rural North Carolina. Thank goodness we are retired and we used to being homebodies.

    Looking forward to your next vlog, regardless of the topic or content, it will be welcome.

    Here’s to your health, and prayers for your PM. May he make a full recovery very soon.

  8. I’m having narrowboat withdrawal symptoms just now,
    My marina is closed, & I’m stuck at home…
    So enjoying some canal therapy with your vlogs.
    Doing exactly what you’re doing, only in a house.
    Keep them coming David!

  9. This was great! I don’t feel so alone in the incessant ennui of the dog days of virus.

  10. Bill Schoonmaker

    I am surprised at your toast technique. My New Zealand experience (I assume they learned from GB) with breakfast toast has the toast cut into points, then put into a metal rack and left out until cold and hard. Then served.

    BTW, I really enjoy your blog. Your day is not too different from mine in Virginia.

  11. David, a delightful vlog per usual with one exception: no ice in your G&T. Dear me, my American roots must be showing…

  12. Thank you for crediting the background music. I’m adding those to my listening list. You made your daily routine enjoyable to follow. I’m having some difficulty developing a daily rhythum since until the lockdown my days were filled with volunteering at social service organizations of which I am not considered an essential worker. Plus being in the late 70s I am advised that I am part of a high risk group and should avoid contact with anyone other than my wife. Glad you are healthy and able to provide me with a distraction. I’m looking back at older vlogs and reliving past cruises.

  13. Loved the video!

  14. Thanks for your vlogs, from the USA. Like you, I’m solo and isolated; unlike you, I live on a 110 acre farm in ‘nowhere’ Iowa. My closest neighbor is about 1 mile away. There are only about 7500 people living in my entire county. So, my point is we’re living the same, but different, lives. I do enjoy ‘traveling’ with you in the evenings. You’re doing a great job presenting something to me that I didn’t even know existed – the UK canal system. Absolutely beautiful and the history is fascinating. Thanks.

    FYI, and I’m not trying to push, but after my wife passed on I began writing a blog that I call ‘The Farm Report’ in an effort to let my kids and others know I’m OK, and to share what I’m doing with them. You might take a look and ‘farm’ along with me if you’d like. Here’s a link to it: https://oakdalefarm.blogspot.com/ Be safe.

  15. Alison PRIESTLEY

    I love your vlogs, keeps in touch with the gentle life in England as i’m busy working in the biggest city in the Southern hemisphere! Maybe narrow boating will be my retirement plan.

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