Vlog 205: Broken, Bad

After I had the narrowboat blacked at Stone I set off along the Trent and Mersey canal to head to my winter mooring. Unfortunately, disaster struck on the outskirts of the town when one lovely sunny Sunday morning, the engine made a peculiar noise which resulted in a horrible discovery…

My lovely neighbours at Aston Marina – Narrowboat Chef – have their own YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/narrowboatchef

Filmed from October 31-November 21st
Location (Aston Marina): https://goo.gl/maps/PtWucdimNVuY3iAB8

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  1. David not specific to this particular video I would like to thank you for all the videos that I have watched on your website. They seem to me to be not too long, not too short and always interesting and enjoyable to watch. So, again, thank you very much.

  2. Hello David,

    Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your video tales. I watched the vlog of the Jules Fuels “day in the life” episode this evening and found it to be an exceptional treat. Best continued luck and joy in your exploits and many thanks for your videos.

    Toppest regards from rural Minnesota!

  3. A quick note to say how informative , satisfying and enjoyable your films are .
    Discovered whilst browsing Amazon prime here in America and now a fan ,albeit an insanely jealous one

    • Thank you! I’m pleased to say episode one of season two has now gone online as well, with more to follow although you may have switched over to viewing here or on YouTube now :-)

      • May I ask, when will the rest of season 2 appear on Amazon?

        Thank you.

        • Hello! Episode one of season two is online now; episode two has been submitted to Amazon for their checking (which they do for everything and it takes a few days). Episodes three and four are ready to upload after that and I’m working on episode five :-)

  4. Hi David and happy new year! Thanks for sharing that one…very educational. I dont know why i got the Patreon link emailed to me but i’m not complaining..maybe because of the one off gift? Either way, i’m an avid fan and will continue to support! Love you vlog!! Guess i’m going to have to order a t shirt or two for the upcoming summer.

    • Hmm, that’s curious. If you’re getting it from Patreon it suggests you’re still active on the supporters list; I will check. Cheers

    • You’re showing up on Patreon as “following” me there so you’ll get notified of public posts (and I tend to make the vlogs public since they are visible to all anyway on YouTube). That explains it!

  5. David,

    You should give CRR a boost by mentioning that they offer an excellent series of workshops on the workings of NB engines and power systems.

    I attended one in early October and, while by no means an expert, at least I now understand the workings of the various components of diesel engines and know how often to do essential checks and how to do some basic maintenance. Some of these you have already shown in your vlogs (eg filter changing).

    • Hi. I see no reason to give them a gratuitous plug as I paid them hansomely for their services so I have removed the link you included. If they want to advertise with me, they’re very welcome! Good to know that the course is interesting and worthwhile though. Cheers

  6. Oh . . . the long awaited repair video ;) I very much enjoyed this one David, as it especially shows the very real side of Narrowboating . . . MAINTENANCE. It looks like you enlisted the services of some very well-qualified Engineers ( here in the US, they’d just be known as Mechanics ). I’m curious as I know you have in the past insured your boat to cover breakdowns and towing. Did your insurance cover any or all the cost of the needed repairs? Were the bolt hole threads on the engine side hogged out at all? Will you be revealing a detailed account of all the costs parts and labor? I must say, the couple who helped you out with the towing to the mooring site will be rewarded in Heaven for their efforts ;) Thank God for the friendly and helpful people in the boating community. I’m so glad you were able to get everything sorted without too much difficulty. Oh . . . and I also learned just how easy it is to raise an engine at least part way up for access, using a block of wood across the hatchway. I wish you happy adventures this Winter.

    • I have basic insurance which covered the first chap coming out to confirm that the gearbox would need to come off but then that would take more time than I was covered for and the parts were not covered, hence paying for the second and third chaps. No, I don’t see that the cost is anyone’s business but my own and it would be irrelevant to any breakdown they had as all situations will be different. Yes, very pleased at the help from everyone at Aston Marina. Cheers

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