Vlog 200: Journey’s End

For the final leg of my 2019 autumn cruise, I continued along the Upper Peak Forest canal, south towards Whaley Bridge and Bugsworth basin. The six mile stretch of canal includes two swing bridges and two lift bridges so I shamelessly took advantage of some passing hire boaters to help me through.

Start location: https://goo.gl/maps/CrnpruDoWDgCQnjC6
End location: https://goo.gl/maps/k58K1XRokUWPwVbF6

Filmed in the first week of October 2019

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  1. I guess this was around the time that I spent a week on the eastern section of the Kennet and Avon, when we got rained on 5 days out of 7. :-(
    Aldermaston Lift Bridge (electric/hydraulic) provided some entertainment, as it carries an A road over the canal, and in the few minutes while I was waiting for the bridge to be clear of traffic before pressing the ‘open’ button, twelve articulated lorries crossed over it as well as innumerable cars and vans (it was a weekday). But there was a certain satisfaction in halting that much traffic to let our boat through. There is a clock built into the controls so that the bridge cannot be opened to boats during the morning and evening commuter periods – something not noted in the Nicholson’s guide.

    • Ah yes I’ve heard of those time restriction things – didn’t realise Nicholson’s doesn’t mention it though, that’s useful to know! Cheers

  2. Ha Ha Ha…havn’t laughed so much in ages. The bridges episode really was shameful

  3. Definitely rooting for you to make it to “The Good Place” David ;) I’m sure a few good deeds and a few more wonderful videos will get you in. A Very much enjoyed this one and the narration was Top Drawer ! Thanks for this one ;)

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