Vlog 197: Hoping for Angels

Pressing on from the mooring at LMH – see last vlog – I unexpectedly stop early for a week when the Bosley lock flight is closed due to a leak in the canal at the top. Once it’s re-opened, I go up the flight in a pretty good time, all things considered, despite the peculiar “dual top gate” installation on these locks.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/VX31MJHz5GPXvsEa8
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/A26VaNUwSxeY2181A

Filmed late September 2019

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  1. Greetings from Canada. Ive watched all you vlogs. They are professional, educational and interesting. If I went through each one and noted your likes and dislikes and recommendations I could have a very nice narrowboat built. Not going to happen.
    Do you have a car
    Would a foldable bicycle be useful when you need to go shopping
    I know you have said you are not a sociable person but apart from the few guests it seems to me you lead a lonely life.
    On the other hand a partner on a narrowboat would send me crazy. Either way it,s your life and I wish you well and thank you for your vlogs

    • I own a car but do not take it around the canals with me, I fetch it when I moor over winter. Many boaters have bikes but I do not and have not needed one so far.

  2. Another great video David, interesting Locks to be sure. Will you be posting a video about your Gearbox fix and or blacking? Thanks for this one ;)

    • Cheers Michael. Yes, there’ll be a vlog about the engine and gearbox but in chronological order so I’ve a few more cruising and other videos to go first!

  3. What time of the year is this?
    can you put the actual date of filming on your videos ?

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