Vlog 193: Endon’s Game

With Jasmin now gone back to her own boat in London, I carried on along the Caldon canal out of Stoke on Trent towards Endon where I’d stop to get some supplies from a convenience store. Along the way I had to deal with two lift bridges, the first of which was easy and the second quite the nuisance.

Start location: https://goo.gl/maps/1Seen5njy1hxfvMWA
End location: https://goo.gl/maps/vDF1GK4uRMAHqTsEA

How lock gates are made: www.cruisingthecut.co.uk/2018/04/22/vlog-131-star-gate/

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  1. At 484 ASL you are 34 higher than the K & A which has its summit 450 ASL.

  2. Hi David, you mentioned about narrow boats in fields on this vlog. I live in Ontario Canada and saw a British narrow boat on blocks in the driveway of a house on a recent road trip (as chance would have it with our U.K. family) on the way home from a weeks house boat rental on the Rideau Canal. I’ve tried to attach a screen shot but I’m unable to. Quite an unusual find I have to say, the date on Google Maps is June 2014 so it’s been there for some time.

  3. Having watched many of your Vlogs from the very first one, this year, your one on boat sharing (No81, I think) ticked many boxes for me.

    After doing more research (boatshare4u.co.uk was very useful in my opinion) and included a weeks actual hire. so we got to flavour what it was like (you may have heard of storming, forming and norming!!) and this included a couple of poor weather days which was also very useful. Your Vlogs have been a good source of information which highlight the mostly good and highlight issues that should be considered, so thank you for posting them.

    Anyway we have taken the plunge, bought a share and will have our first week on the Huxley this coming weekend and week (Oct 19).

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