Vlog 185: Special K

At the end of July 2019 I was delighted to welcome fellow vlogger Karen Nisbet to the boat, visiting all the way from New Zealand.

Karen lives and tours NZ in her caravan, filming her travels on the channel “Travelling K”. She was in the UK for several weeks, touring the sights, visiting other vloggers and meeting viewers.

Have a look at Karen’s channel – and how she’s coping with caravanning on Britain’s crowded roads – at www.youtube.com/TravellingK

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  1. Great! Vlogs David Keep Em Coming

  2. A nice little vlog, as they all are! Karen is deffo more attactive than me though, so all is good! Look forward to the next vlog.

  3. Another wonderful video David, but it also brings to mind a question I’ve been pondering for a while. Thinking back to the two boats you were considering to purchase, one had a bathtub. I was wondering . . . On Narrow Boats, do they usually have a fairly small hot water tank (typically around 4 gallons) heated from propane, or is the set up much different from what is typically found on Caravans? I was thinking, how would you get enough hot water to fill a bathtub, is it a much larger hot water tank ?

    • Yes, typically small tank, I think mine’s a few gallons, heated by the engine or by an Eberspacher diesel heater. The baths tend to be very small not just because of the hot water tank but because of the overall water use.

  4. Hi David. I haven’t seen the subject of my following comment made by anyone else, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t.

    I enjoy your puns in the titles to each episode and it’s part of the glue that keeps me sticking. My favourite? “Stormy Denials”.

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