Vlog 183: Congestion Charge

Filmed at the end of June and start of July, this video captures the very few miles I did in the narrowboat between Fazeley Junction and just past Hopwas. En route I picked up food supplies from a supermarket and plumbing supplies from a DIY store. Well, it would be odd to do it the other way around.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/e7NQ4E9NasGdJV9eA
Fazeley Mill marina: https://goo.gl/maps/eQLbQ3d1E8U3LLLY7
Shop stop: https://goo.gl/maps/eVzxzMM274wVVRKv9
Shady place: https://goo.gl/maps/eXALZ8HoCmPcNCCa8
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/HX9TnmdTgHKaAoJ86

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  1. Shiver me timbers !

  2. Hello from Idaho, USA.

    My husband and I have been binge-watching your vlog this past week and we love it! We started with episode #1 and we are now on #75. We laughed so hard at your April 1, 2017 newscast. Great fun!

    We do a lot of shopping on Amazon, so we will be sure to follow your link.

    Thanks for the entertainment and the useful information. We will give you a friendly wave on our next canal journey.

  3. Marjorie Sullivan

    Great video. Excellent commentary, as always. I really did enjoy seeing the spider webs on the bow cam. It reminds me how “spidy” river life can be, albeit I spent mine on a salt river, that wound its way into a large bay. Thanks also for sharing the pictures of the dogs.
    Have a great summer on the cut.

  4. Russell keeling

    Hi David ,
    Love watching your vlogs and find them very useful , I have one question
    Which map or maps do you use , seems so many on sale.
    Regards Russ

  5. Michael Higgins

    The Chimney Maker’s boat was quite interesting David. It is amazing how these Artisan’s make a living traversing the canals of England, a peaceful way of life it would appear. I have another question of a utility nature in regard to drinking water. I did see in this video when you topped off your water tank, the water point was labeled as drinking water. Are all of these water points safe for drinking? Do you employ any extra filtering in the water you use for drinking? Another wonderful video David, thanks as always ;)

    • I use no filtering but only drink water from the tank if I’ve boiled it (ie for tea). For general drinking water I keep a separate 5 litre container which I top up at the water points directly.

  6. My husband has got me watching you. I enjoy it. Thank you it is relaxing. Look forward to the next one and enjoy your story telling.

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