Vlog 182: The Music of Sound

I had a friend’s birthday party in Kent to attend so once again needed to put the boat somewhere secure while I left it for a few days. With the next marina on my route being at Alvecote this seemed like the obvious solution, and from there I’d get a taxi and train to go and pick up my campervan before driving down south.

Upon my return, I continued journeying along the Coventry canal, now heading west, stopping a few hundred yards short of Fazeley Junction, having gone through the two locks at Glascote.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/hHze3GzrhMBPN6qs8
Alvecote marina: https://goo.gl/maps/RSjpftq8A4kSKtUy8
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/e7NQ4E9NasGdJV9eA

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  1. Michael Higgins

    David I’m curious . . . If you had to do it over again regarding your Solar Panels, would you elect to go with the thin stick on, walk on type? I think in your case, you would be able to gain area square footage as you could stretch them to the full width of the roof and likely add even a third panel. Also, I’m thinking the extra area you would gain,would likely make up for the inability to tilt these panels more directly into the sun. Any thoughts on this?

    • No, I wouldn’t. Solar panels don’t like being hot so those stuck on a metal roof are not as efficient as those with some airflow under them. I also have doubts about the longevity of stick on type which you can supposedly walk on, over time, regardless of what the vendors say. I have grit in my shoes and that’s going to dig into the panel coating. Plus I have heard reports that they fail after a few years and then because you stuck them to the metal, they’re a bugger to get off. I’d stick with high efficiency conventional panels.

      • Michael Higgins

        A very detailed and well thought out reply David. Thank You ! I too agree, these panels look a bit flimsy, and I question their longevity under foot as well as the heat issue you mentioned. The bracket mounted panels you have would be a snap to change out ;)

  2. Your cheeky commentary. experienced based insights and insert your own soundtrack or bask in the joy of the noises of the moment in nature way of posting makes for a bit top notch telly in my book. Cheers!

    • Thank you very much! :-)

    • Tidal Thames was testy . . . but fun, and a lifetime memory.

      Just enjoyed your Vlog 182. Our very first narrowboat adventure back in 2005 began and ended at Alvecote, a one week charter aboard a Canaltime 45 footer named Wicked William. We checked in on the towpath side where, apparently, you checked in at the marina. Another wonderful memory.

      Cheers !

  3. Gary Washington

    What brand of Wash do you use to clean your Prop? A little Navy humor there.
    Do you use Flight Line to moor your boat?

  4. Michael Higgins

    I just never tire of seeing the beautiful gardens and back yards of the homes along the Canal. The wife and I just rented a boat for four days in Wales the last week of August and will be crossing the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, largely due to watching your videos David. Thanks again for this one ;)

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