Vlog 181: Locking all over the world

After staying in Atherstone due to a week of non-stop rain, I finally had a nice day when I felt like moving on, and took the opportunity to descend the eleven-lock flight.

Start location: https://goo.gl/maps/sHaiLdCuthavxhSb6
End location: https://goo.gl/maps/hHze3GzrhMBPN6qs8

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  1. I absolutely detest wind chimes, and cannot bear them within earshot for more than a few minutes. I look forward to your totalitarian rule under which they will be banned.

    When I’m working a lock on my own, I often step across from one open bottom gate to the other closed one (or vice-versa) while other members of the boat crew look on with horror. I do make it a very deliberate action, but I’ve done rock-climbing and mountain-climbing including the jump between the two pinnacles of rock at the top of the Welsh mountain Tryfan (called Adam and Eve), where there is a drop of several hundred feet to one side of them, so the gap between the two lock gates doesn’t faze me particularly.

  2. dear David, am a Turk of 73 and loved your videos abt your canal cruises by your lovely boat. Am lucky enough to visit London 2 times as a tourist and feel sad now for not have visited any of those lovely areas on two sides of the canals. Wish you more and more safe and joyfull travels in your beautiful country. All the best

  3. Michael Higgins

    Wow! This was truly enjoyable David and well worth the wait! So much eye candy and scenery. I loved the Butterflies pollinating the beautiful bush. I also really liked how you shared in detail, how the Locks work. It was nice to see it explained in a front to back visual detail. I also liked that boat yard you passed, it looked like a fine place to moor. Thanks as always David.

    • I was rather pleased with the bush full of wildlife and that I managed to get them on camera because it was so bright I couldn’t really see what I was filming! And the bees kept moving haha

  4. Do the volunteer lockkeepers do the work for the love of the canels or is there a benefit to them such as a reduction in fees from the Trust?

    • Just for the love of it, I believe. It gets them outdoors, they meet lots of people, and can enjoy the canals even if they don’t have a boat.

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