Vlog 180: Hat’s the way

With my time on the Ashby canal come to an end, I took my narrowboat back onto the Coventry canal and headed north, through Nuneaton and it’s well-tended back gardens and allotments, and up towards Atherstone where I’d spend a few days while the heavens opened.

Start location: https://goo.gl/maps/PWxjN2S26SPyWves5
End location: https://goo.gl/maps/sHaiLdCuthavxhSb6

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  1. Amazing, there is an Anchor Inn here in Omaha, Ne. along the Missouri River. It’s a restaurant/bar, you can drive to it in your car or drive up in your boat. Certainly not as beautiful as the canal in the video. Love these vlogs….!

  2. “they’re dancin’ in Chicago…”

    Love your sense of humor David. Also love the vlogs without lock footage, just canal scenery. I think I’d like to cruise the cut but for the locks.

  3. Michael Higgins

    This one was just chock-full of beautiful scenery, I very much enjoyed it. The view at 4:00 was quite inviting and tranquil. I also love the many homes with their well tended gardens which abut the Canal. I’m sure these go for a pretty penny though . . . Oh . . . how the other half must live ;) Thanks for this one David !

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