Vlog 177a: Realtime Ashby Canal cruising

This is a BONUS video, not a vlog. Panic not, the normal vlogs will follow. If you don’t like these uncommentaried, real-time, slow TV videos then just skip this one eh?

It’s the bow camera recording in full of the journey seen in vlog form in vlog 177, from Market Bosworth to Snarestone at the end of the Ashby canal.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/zpCEgUkAzCq8vMAv8
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/jqELjwY7nfyFhJDa9

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  1. Hi David, Just dropping a quick note to say thank you for making your Cruising The Cut Narrow Boating series. My wife and I really enjoy your adventures, wit and inspiring series of Narrowboat trips. Best of luck to you..:-)

    Bob Keene

  2. Hi Mr. David: We’ve been traveling around the UK for 2 years now and found the narrow boats. Next we found your blog, next we will purchase a narrow boat and find adventure like you have. Your blogs are very informative and great viewing. I truely have learned a lot but surely will have a lot more to learn once I’ve purchased a boat. Thanks again and keep the videos coming… see you on the water..The Americans from France, bob and deb

  3. “no music” you say then open with a delightful chorus with a narrator voice over!

    At about 10:27 the character of the water surface changes abruptly as if there was an in-flow as from a spring and the glassy surface is replaced with an apparent flow (or maybe wind) in your direction of travel. Any on-the-scene observations?

    Mechanical complaint of duplicate comment not understood.

  4. I love this real time video of your journey on the Ashby canal. So much so that I’m trying to find a way to make it a screensaver. So relaxing. Hope you’ll do more of these.

    • I’ve done a fair few of them before, if you scroll back or use the search function on the website, you should find them. Try “notavlog” or “real time” etc. Cheers

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