Vlog 176: Crickity Crick

I haven’t been to the Crick Show for a couple of years because it’s much the same each time but this year I wanted to book some boat tours and also buy some bits for my current boat – so I moored the boat again and headed off to Northamptonshire in the camper van.

Featured in this video:
Crick Show: http://www.CrickBoatShow.com
Mothership Marine: http://mothershipmarine.com/
Bickerstaffe Boats: https://www.bickerstaffeboatcompany.co.uk/
Aintree Boats: http://www.aintreeboats.co.uk/
Ortomarine: https://www.ortomarine.co.uk/
Swan Boats: https://www.swanboatbuilders.co.uk/
London Boat Girl: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8F_D7bO2ydCZ_9hK3i-yrQ
Narrowboat Chef: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEttcPS1QZBebeZA-M5lCFQ
Narrowboats of Distinction: http://narrowboatsofdistinction.co.uk/
Finesse Boats: https://finesseboats.co.uk/
RCR BilgeAway: http://www.rivercanalrescue.co.uk/other-services/bilgeaway-filter/
Elton Moss: http://www.eltonmoss.com/
Inlander 12V: https://www.inlanderlowvoltage.com/
DBS Leoch: https://dbsleoch.co.uk/

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  1. One thing on two of the boats featured that caught my eye is flooring.
    On one you can see zebra stripes running at 90 Degrees to the grain of the plank. This tells me it is cheap reclaimed wood of unknown origin that was set up to dry with cross battens between layers after treatment and it is now not uniform in appearance and being an inside application will take forever to even out if ever.
    The other was the use of vinyl plank flooring. Why more builders don’t use it is a mystery. It is incredibly durable, hugely scratch resistant, water proof and easy to maintain. The selection in designs is huge.

  2. Hi David

    I enjoyed your tour of the boats at Crick. I did the same but on the Monday although I didn’t see as many boats. Advantage, not so many people there. Disadvantage, all the stalls starting to close down in the afternoon.

    I made the same point on Watt Knot about the clear porthole in the shower – mad!

    I felt as if you were about to operate on me in the piece on your boat at the end. What made you choose surgical gown green?


  3. This was our first Crick, we stayed all weekend camping. Glad you seemed to have as good a time as we did!!

  4. once again a great video! Loved the boat tours and I’m looking forward to more info about the lead carbon batteries. cheers!

  5. As always very informative, I am looking forward to your summer cruises and to find out what the drawback with the batteries are. Shame we don’t have a Carlisle canal anymore.

    • Thanks Allan. I hope to install the batteries this week when I’ve got the correct charging info from the supplier.

  6. Michael Higgins

    Wow! This was so good, I had to watch it twice. Almost too many new and unique items to comment on, it boggles the mind. I loved the Aussie boat with all the reclaimed naturally aged wood, it truly lends to a homey comfortable feel. I’m also coming around to the idea of an all electric boat, but then I suppose I would still yearn for the sound of that diesel powered engine. I suppose the maintenance of an all electric boat would be much less though than a diesel. I was very impressed with the custom boat Seaglass. The country cottage look was quite unique with the double heating/cooking stove in the saloon, the bilge cool storage lockers, hanging brass lights. I’m not I would opt for the power hungry incinerating toilet and dishwasher, but perhaps that requires further investigation. So much more I could comment on, but I’ll leave it at this. A truly awesome video David.

    • I must say the advantages of electric are really starting to appeal to me regarding servicing (lack thereof), silence, no use of power other than when actually moving … I’d definitely go for it if I had the budget.

      • Michael Higgins

        I very much agree David but . . . I think I might miss the nostalgia and ambiance of the diesel; albeit, probably more head aches to maintain though.

  7. Enjoyed the tours of the new boats. Agree with you. What is the point of a Belfast sink either in a house or worse on a boat. Looking forward to some more cruising blogs. Iris

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