Vlog 175: Carry on up the Ashby

After the first May Bank Holiday weekend away from the boat, I left the marina at Hinckley and continued my journey up the Ashby canal, dodging rain showers as I went, to arrive at Market Bosworth.

Start location: https://goo.gl/maps/TxgVt1MY9iLihuvn6
End location: https://goo.gl/maps/PssEMrXnbPQJ2BCG7

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  1. Michael Higgins

    David, I’ve been meaning to ask this question for quite some time, and it doesn’t exactly pertain to this video, maybe it could be addressed in your FAQ. Well here goes . . . In several of your videos, I often see where mooring is at such a premium, usually near large cities or during festivals, one often “Double Parks” that is to say, one simply moors up to a boat which is tied up to the side of the canal. My question is this. If you find yourself in this predicament, what is the mooring etiquette involved? Does one ask permission of the other boat owner if he/she would mind too much if they tied up alongside their boat? This also brings up another wrinkle. What if the other boat is agreeable to your tying up to them, but suppose they are planning on leaving at the crack of dawn and you were hoping to sleep in a bit? Does the other boat owner bang on your boat to wake you from your slumber so that he can leave? I’m just curious how this is practically all worked out and what is good form in these situations?

    • I believe you knock on their side and ask if OK; it is considered rude to decline unless there’s a good reason why not or a good reason why the person asking could easily moor elsewhere. I think you have to work out the niceties of early starts between you!

      • Michael Higgins

        Thanks David, I suspected this was likely how it all works. I imagine most Boat People are friendly and try to be accommodating to one another.

  2. Michael Higgins

    Some beautiful horse property in this one. I’m seriously dreaming about moving to England and living aboard a Narrow Boat when I retire in a few years. Enjoyed this one David ;) Thank you!

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