Vlog 169: Hire Purpose

I visit a narrowboat hire firm in Gilwern, South Wales, on the Mon & Brec canal. Amongst their fleet of conventional narrowboats they also have two fully-electric ones that don’t even have solar or a generator on board. So how have they managed this feat when it would be impractical elsewhere? Watch and find out!

Castle Narrowboats:

** This is NOT a paid ad, I asked the firm if I could make the video **

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  1. Hi David,
    We really have enjoyed all your vlogs. On the electric boat theme we thought you may be interested in a beautiful lake on the German/Austrian boarder where we used to live. They have only electric tourist boats, which do trips on the lake, it is truely stunning. Link to website – http://www.seenschiffart.de and a lovely YouTube film – Konigsee Amazing lakes of Germany by Jebin Varghese. Hope you enjoy.

  2. Love it “next generation boaters”
    Call me pessimistic but l think there is not future for that. I don’t see it profitable.
    Nice to think boating the canal is for nostalgics.

    Cheers Dave
    An Italian chef in London

  3. I was so interested in this vlog. In September, 1996, my late husband and I hired Beaumaris from Castle Narrow Boats for a week. We did own a small boat of our own but of course could not take it on this canal. We did enjoy the quiet boating and the added advantage of it being electric was that on such a shallow canal we were guaranteed a deep enough spot to moor up! We did promise ourselves a return visit but time ran out on us, I do remember the only sound in places was the faint tapping noise as the prop made contact with the gravelly bottom. Look forward to your vlogs. Keep up the good work

  4. G’day, that dog at the start of the Vlog … is pure gold!
    No way of competing for attention with the dog in the background, sorry!
    Once he/she was out of the picture …Very interesting Vlog.

  5. Hello David. The vlog on electric boats and their (lack of) environmental impact reminded me how I wince every time I see you on a river…and the cows are right beside the water, drinking…and the thing they do from the other end. Here in New Zealand such a sight would prompt an immediate Greenie protest at the farm concerned, and a complaint to the local council. Is there no move in the UK to force farmers to fence their stock off from the rivers? (I realise the canals are different in that they are polluted anyway)

    • No such moves that I’m aware of and I’m not sure why there would be. It’s not as if we drink the river water… (well, not directly)

  6. Oh . . . and I forgot to mention, I found the relic of the Limekilns quite interesting. I must admit, I’ve never heard of Limekilns nor knew of their purpose. Doing a quick Interweb search, I found a Park in California among the Redwood trees which featured the remains of two iron Limekilns dating back to 1887 along the famous coastline stretch known as Big Sur, a bit of road I’ve traveled many times, quite picturesque. I learned that the lime was a key ingredient in the cement that was used for construction in San Francisco and Monterey.

    See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Limekiln_State_Park.

    A truly beautiful picture of the Kilns can be found here surrounded by the famous Redwood trees. I very much enjoyed this video David, one of your best! Oh, and perhaps you can elaborate the purpose of the Lime along the canal? I suspect it was used for some sort of construction as well.

  7. A wonderful video David. This canal surely is among the most beautiful I’ve seen amongst all your videos. Now there are at least two items I want to see should I visit Wales, this canal and the Hemmels Mercedes restoration facility. Thanks for this one David, it is a real keeper.

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