Vlog 164: Damp Patches

A quick demo of a new toy I bought for the boat, a temperature / humidity gauge with three wireless remote sensors. Hours of fun!

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  1. The reason that digital thermometers are manufactured with the functionality to switch between Celsius and Farenheit is so that they can be sold in both the European and American markets. Because … the Americans don’t use SI units – they use feet and inches, gallons (different from the English gallon), and measure temperatures in Fahrenheit. They are one of only seven countries in the world like that, but because America is such a big market, they have to be accommodated.

    Sometimes this causes problems… see

  2. Bad news David. Amazon UK will not ship it to Australia and Amazon Australia are selling it for $134 (73 pounds) plus freight. My temperature just went up.

    Thanks for the enjoyable blogs. Well done!

    • Ouch! That’s a lot. I have seen people in the comments on the video on YouTube post links to sensibly-priced versions of it on Amazon in other countries so maybe a browse there would help or just a bit of digging around in the search box on Amazon.au ?

  3. Relax David. Celsius and Fahrenheit meet at -34.

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