Vlog 161: Soap on the Water

After getting frustrated with the cheap little twin-tub washing machine I had aboard the boat from the early days – see vlog 20 here – I ditched it and bought a proper automatic machine. Due to a lack of space and onboard power, I had to choose a small one that didn’t need to run a heating element; the one I chose is the Hotpoint WMTF722H. In this video I explain what I think of it and why it fits the bill.

Buy the same machine: https://geni.us/CtC_HotpointWMTF722H

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    • Cheers. I specifically wanted a slimmer machine for the limited space on the boat so the Hotpoint top-loader was perfect for my needs.

  1. Thank you so much for taking time to reply. You may have solved our washing dilemma!

  2. David,
    I started watching your videos a couple of months back and this is as far as I have got so far. I just wanted to say that this is a great video in both form and content. Having recently bought a narrow boat for day and short trips on the Wey Navigation, I am enjoying all of your adventures and information.

  3. Hi David, I have bought one of these washing machines thanks to your video, and I love it! I have only operated it on shore power for now but I am sizing my solar and batteries at the moment and I really need to know how much power the machine uses when in “true cold wash” mode. This information isn’t available anywhere! Is there any chance you could measure the power consumption (of just the motor on cold wash mode) on the next washing day…? I need to know how may minutes the a cycle you use takes and how many Ah of power the inverter took while you ran it. I would be ever so grateful!

    • Hi. Glad you like it. The programme durations vary according to what options you set so as you have the machine you’ll need to select a programme and click “cold wash” and see what it says. Regarding power, I have no means to measure the power consumption of the machine as a whole for a cycle but I can tell you that I idly monitored the inverter while it was doing a cold wash and the peak draw I saw was 400W (while the machine was spinning the drum quite fast) and the draw during the final spin was 250W. I tend to give the wash a further 16-minute “spin only” at the end to get the clothes as dry as possible too.

  4. Hi David. Canal/long boat life looks appealing. I’m an experienced kayaker and was wondering if it’s advisable to kayak these canals. It looks like a great way to enjoy some countryside and experience some history. Is there tent camping alongside the canals??

    • Hi Larry. Yes, kayaking is entirely feasible although you still need a boat licence to do so (it’s cheap and if you join the British Kayak Society – I forget what it’s proper name is – then your membership covers you). Camping on the towpath would not be feasible though as it’s generally very narrow and to do so would block passage for other people, but there are probably lots of (paid) campsites around. That aspect is not something I have any knowledge of though. Cheers

  5. David,
    Great video. I’ve just watched all your narrow boat videos and loved them. Editing, composing, VO, loved it. We rented a boat out of Wooten Wawen for 5 days just after you went through, and loved every minute. I’m satisfying my craving for more canal life by watching your channel until we can get back to the UK.

    • Thanks David. Glad you enjoyed them. I loved my journey up the south Stratford, it was glorious!

      • When do you resume your canal travels? Where are you now?

        • I am on my winter mooring and will resume when the weather is nicer and the canal winter works are all finished, probably April ish

          • Good day David, watched all your videos wonderful videos. You seem (for me at least) just the right balance between the generalist & the specialist to make all your productions interesting & informative. I have often used your input to further pursue a specific aspect of your observations, as my origins are from the SW of England I wonder if you have ever (or plan to) visited the Kennet & Avon canal bieng brought up in Chippenham (Wilts) I recall the canal wharf.
            As it’s Winter mooring time; some screening of a typical day would I am sure be of interest.
            I live in Johannesburg and even to see snow is fascinating ;-)
            Keep well, Paul

          • Thank you Paul. No plans at present to visit the K&A, it’s all a bit busy down that way. I’m not doing a lot in winter so really nothing much to film – and no real signs of any snow either so far! Cheers

  6. This is one of your very best videos David, very practical, very informative, a much needed topic has now been covered. Thank you.

    • Thank you Michael. After someone left quite a long and unpleasant comment about this video on YouTube yesterday, your remark has cheered me up substantially. Much appreciated.

  7. Sorry to hog the conversation but was there a minimum cold water feed pressure requirement?
    Your own pump seemed to work ok but based on your excellent vlog my son is thinking of getting that Hotpoint for his live-on nb.
    Thank you for your tip on the poles.

    • Not that I recall but I must confess I never checked. I would presume that as long as the boat pump delivers water at a reasonable pressure and the machine can detect it coming in then it would be OK? Sorry I can’t be more help.

  8. Very useful & informative as ever, than you.
    Where did you get your spring loaded hanging poles from?

  9. David did you know that there is a British company called Ebac that make weshing machines with separate hot and cold feeds sowhen doing a hot wash it will draw the hot water from the hot water tank rather than trying to heat it up

  10. Very interesting! Never thought about the differences between washers in the U.K. and the USA. Hope you keep up the educational videos for us ignorant colonials.

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