Vlog 158: New Tubes

Happy new year! Welcome to 2019. If you’re lolling in a chair relaxing after festivities last night, these suggestions of some excellent YouTube channels that you might enjoy could be of interest.

Slim Potatohead: https://www.YouTube.com/SlimPotatohead
Kent Survival: https://www.YouTube.com/KentSurvival
John Rogers: https://www.YouTube.com/fugueur
EVMan: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCigsK5EITQdgrY6f5qwRxkw
Greg Virgoe: https://www.YouTube.com/GregVirgoe

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  1. https://vimeo.com/284310686?ref=em-v-share

    This is an interesting video produced by Briony Stokes on the subject of sea gypsey
    Nick Skeates

  2. I LOVE THIS SITE!!! Living in Hawaii and thinking of doing some narrow boat cruising when my friend and I visit your part of the world. We are both a very healthy early 60ʻs full of p and v.

    Will keep watching to get some ideas about where to go, and to hire a smaller boat for a week. I am a commercial salmon fishermanʻs daughter and have a little boating experience.

    Aloha and love your videos watching them on youtube tv. Way more attractive than r-ving.


  3. First, let me thank you. I discovered your site a few months ago, and your videos have brightened an otherwise dreary Michigan winter.

    You asked for website suggestions; I have two Youtube sites I’ve followed for a while.

    1. Townsends. These vlogs focus on colonial American life, with an emphasis on cooking. But he’s also built a dugout canoe, lean-to shelters, made oil cloth, and so on.

    2. Abroad in Japan. He’s English and has lived in Japan for a few years teaching English. Funny, if a bit coarse at times.

    So thanks again for the many pleasant hours you’ve provided!

  4. William Lee Vater

    Could a person really use a horse or I suppose pony to pull a narrow boat from town to town? There seems to be a lot of things the tow rope would have to be lifted over. All those boats parked on the towpath side with their ariel’s up and the chimneys.

    • Nowadays it would certainly be quite awkward for sure; how the few trip boats that uses horses get around the problem, I do not know. Back when the canals were purely for commercial freight there would likely have been none / few of the boats moored along the cut as there are now.

  5. David: I just discovered these, several highly well done mini Aircraft Specific documentary’s . These are exceptionally researched and equally well narrated. The gentleman uses his own 3 D Drawings. Check these out, you’ll be glad you did. See: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1ZBQ-F-yktYD4m5AzM6pww/videos

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