Vlog 156: Market Research

At the beginning of the month (December 2018) I took the train into Birmingham to visit a floating Christmas market – essentially a gathering of trading narrowboats on the canal outside the Arena. The weather was mild but dull and the streets and towpaths were almost deserted. There weren’t many traders either but I had an enjoyable afternoon and this is the video of the trip.

The event was organised by the Roving Canal Traders Association

Wire Art by Nickie: https://en-gb.facebook.com/JustWireArt/
Reverie Canal Trading: https://www.reveriecanaltradingco.co.uk/
Make It Shipshape: http://www.makeitshipshape.co.uk/
Canal Art by Julie: http://www.canal-art-by-julie.co.uk/

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/7FD4G7s7o2D2

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  1. As a stranger in my own home town I enjoyed the views of Gas street Basin.

    And at about 8 minutes in a nice capture of that chap Jeremy Corbyn busking!

    All the bestPeter.

  2. I am an American who gets sea sick on any boat. Yours looks like one I could handle. I am retired and I am fascinated by your journey. It seems a marvelous way to live.
    I understand your reluctance to turn your vlogs into a sales pitch for your online merchandise but it seems to me there are a few things that you could do that would peak people’s interest. For example, you showed a cup of tea you brewed..it could have been in your online cup (which I just ordered by the way, in spite of it’s cost. I wanted to support you in some minor way). I think seeing you in a Cruising the cut shirt once in a while would not be obnoxious. And I noticed you don’t offer a cap on the site. Caps are very big you should have one made and you should wear it occasionally.
    I truly enjoy your adventures and look forward to more vlog.

    Cheers from Dallas, Texas

    • Hello. Thank you for watching and the suggestions. As you noticed, I’m very reluctant to promote the merchandise any on the channel; so many of the YouTube channels I watch seem to be little more than teleshopping adverts for their products sometimes and as a viewer I find it annoying hence my preference to keep it low key. Thank you for buying the mug!

  3. Well #156 was really interesting, I am sitting here in Johannesburg at 30 degrees C on the longest day looking at everyone in Birmingham wrapped up and enjoying and some enduring life. Your camera training really worked for you. How do you keep the camera so steady, that one feature alone so significantly upgrades a presentation. As a Birder you give us some beautiful shots as you travel. I spent most of August in the UK and around London to see any bird was a priveledge. I have a list of over 90 in my garden here. I was born in Bath & emigrated in 1972.
    I liked how you rose to your challenge (mid life crisis) so many folk really do just do what they did yesterday, which in itself is not a problem I thing the mistake if I make a judgement is that we so often never ask questions of ourselves, but simply follow. As perhaps you did, you wake up one morn & question your very existence. I have challenged avery aspect of my life, some more deeply than others, I often ask paticipants (I train people how to make decisions, mostly corporate) why they live in SOuth Africa, the usual response is umm, well, I was born here. I then ask when do you ask yourself at what point do you decide I want to live here, which takes hold of your responsibility for YOU. I live here because I want to (& not as an accident of birth) Sorry I am rambling, but I think you have asked those questions of yourself, this takes you to another place. By the way even if you decide to ‘go back’ buy another house and take yourself in another direction you have gained from your current experience. People unfortunately have the human trait of judgement & in built foreboding, it can be useful, but so often it comes from those to fearful to ask & question their lives. They often just need a nudge. SIncere regards, Paul Whitehouse

    • Thanks Paul. I question why I’m doing what I do every day, I think. Still searching for the “Why am I here?” answer :-) Cheers

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