Vlog 151: I Should Be So Locky

In anticipation of both some friends coming to join me for an afternoon, and then some special guests from overseas coming aboard a few days later, I edged just a few miles further north on this leg of my trip up the Grand Union canal, mooring my narrowboat at a point where both sets of visitors could easily find and get to me.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/zeZYXdCKH2P2
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/4jdpu5icb4t

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  1. A couple of wheelbarrow wheels do the job quite well as fenders to keep you a little off the concrete. Not too big and relatively inexpensive, I got some from ebay.

  2. Hi David

    To solve your concrete ledge problems, you could carry two larger fenders which will keep you off the ledge more than a pipe fender. They are a bit big to store but they could be used elsewhere.

    This would not solve your reception or the mooring pin problems although the pin is less likely to pull out if the rope is as close to the ground as possible.


  3. Do you shut off your engine while you are working the locks or is it acceptable to leave it running?
    Also do you always come into the locks under power or do you ever just warp forward using the lines and bollards?
    Thanks for the great videos

    • I (and I believe most boaters) leave the engine running; bear in mind it’s also heating your hot water and recharging the batteries when idling so it’s still performing a useful service.

      I come into the locks on tickover except in wide locks where I step off at the last minute with the boat in neutral and it glides into place then I slow it using the lines. I will make a video about this one day.

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