Vlog 147: What’s the Buzz?

In my continuing narrowboat adventures for autumn 2018 I finally exit Milton Keynes and out into the countryside through Soulbury and down towards Leighton Buzzard and Linslade, where I stop to restock my food supplies at a very handy mooring next to a supermarket, then go on to the countryside again, almost not getting a mooring due to low water levels.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/NorcACY5zQp
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/CKv3zFmGMEF2

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  1. Soulbury was interesting to revisit. We had just finished lunch before ascending the flight when there was a bang on the hull and a gentleman looking to borrow some lines. It seems he had done the major do not do when it comes to narrowboating. He hung his stern on the cill in the top lock.
    His boat was 32 ft so it was not as if he lacked space in the chamber.
    He failed to take a forward line with him as he opened the paddles to drain the lock and failed to pay attention. When he saw what was happening he panicked and rather than drop the paddles he went back to the boat, grabbed a line he could reach and tried to pull the boat off the cill which of course was impossible. By the time he came for help the bow was sitting on the bottom of the chamber, the stern on the cill and his boat flooded not quite back to the engine room. We were hung up for 24 hr as the CRT got their act together the following day, sealed off the forward windows and pumped it out while slowly refilling the lock. We had secured the boat such that it could not move while awaiting rescue, otherwise we could see it slipping off and bending the lower skeg, the rudder, perhaps the prop and prop shafte.
    The sad thing was he had sold it and was moving it to the buyer who showed up the next morning to watch the CRT. I understand there was a canal negotiation on the price as the boat would clearly have to be stripped to be cleaned essentially starting over on the interior. Through it all its bilge pump soldiered on.
    I was told £1250 is the base call out fee for the CRT and the costs go from there.
    I shant forget that experience and the lessons learned,

  2. Riley (Bill) Blue

    Love your vlog, I don’t have a boat but totally enjoy your life on a narrow boat.

  3. Loved the video David. Thank you ;)

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