Vlog 146: Stormy Denials

After a few days at different places in Milton Keynes, it was time for me to move on but the weather had different ideas and a tree across the canal put paid to movement for an evening. Eventually I was able to get going again and back out into the countryside, ending up near Stoke Hammond.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/tkKMdso4Spz
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/NorcACY5zQp

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  1. A thought, if I may. In a scenario such as this or particularly unsavoury weather, would the “Canal Police” show any sort of tolerance towards a one-off improper mooring in, say, overtime in a 48 hour mooring or overnight in a CRT permit mooring? Things are regularly not completely straightforward, are they?

    • If you genuinely cannot move because of the weather (eg iced in or raging storms) and aren’t simply not feeling like moving, then the CRT will generally tolerate an overstay until conditions improve, provided you let them know.

  2. Whenever I’m cruising the canals I take a small folding saw with me to deal with small fallen trees. It wouldn’t get through the trunk of a tree of the size that you came across, but it can be possible to cut through a number of the smaller upper branches to clear a path for the boat to get past.

    I recommend one made by Felco, available from Kings Seeds:
    I know it’s pricey, but good quality tools are worth it, and the blade is phenomenally sharp and quick-cutting.

    (I’ll catch up with your vlogs to get current eventually!)

  3. Another tree-mendous vlog!
    Sorry, couldn’t resist!

  4. Nice video David. Thank you for sharing your journey with us ;)

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