Vlog 145: Roundabout Town

Part of my autumn cruise south on the Grand Union canal, in this video I go from a very busy Cosgrove into Milton Keynes which I find to be very green and unlike any other built-up town or city I’ve been through by canal before.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/q5ovPpGJwDK2
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/pLpenip8Civ

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  1. A couple of things on this one.
    First the aqueduct at Cosgrove over the Great Ouse. It was originally a brick structure when first opened but it collapsed and flooded the countryside.
    It was replaced with locks down to the river on both sides of the valley but they were not effective because they could not be used in times of flooding.
    The cast iron plate structure in place is on the abutments of the original structure and my understanding is they have required no maintenance to re seal the joints between the many interlocking plates if the sides of the tank.
    I was singularly impressed with the pathway all through MK and the parkland,
    We moored up in Campbell Park and it was beautifully peaceful.

  2. I’m interested in renting a narrow boat for 2-3 months. Are there any reputable hire firms.? I’ve heard stories about rental boats being allowed to sink every winter…then get pumped out in time for the rental season… I don’t fancy one of those.

    • Oh my, there are PLENTY of reputable hire firms. I don’t know where you’ve heard that story but it just doesn’t make sense. The amount of internal damage that sinking would do the fit out of a boat would take months and thousands of pounds to restore. It would be absurd for a hire firm to do that, not to mention they’d still have to pay for the mooring even if the boat was sunk. And the damage to the engine .. no, this is just not something that would happen.

  3. now that you have been cruising a while, are you still happy with your boat or would you prefer a longer or shorter boat

  4. The train mural you saw was painted as a reminder of the Wolverton railway works which were located next to the canal there. It’s been there for years, and has just been restored: http://www.waterwaysworld.com/latestpost.cgi?post=2556

  5. Some very interesting scenery David, especially near the end. I also counted at least two aquaduct crossings ;)

  6. Hi David, I find your blogs both relaxing and inspiring, I watch them on my TV. I hope I get to my own narrowboat one day. I also love Milton Keynes and I’ve just watched this vlog, it’s interesting to follow your route with satellite view on a map and spot the places you passed. :) Have a great weekend!

  7. Came here from Facebook, and a very happy follower of both Cruising The Cut and Van-I-need-get-this-correct-demonium (Vandemonium) YouTube channels! Keep up the great work, David!

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