Vlog 141: Wiggly Bits

Another little jaunt along the Grand Union canal in the narrowboat saw me departing from Weedon after a pleasant couple of days, and heading towards Gayton Junction. On the way, I stopped to refill the water tank and met a lot of boats coming north from Stoke Bruerne after a big event that’s held there every year. I end this vlog about a mile before Gayton so as to stop in the countryside.

Start point: https://goo.gl/maps/UV8DaaJ3PbE2
End point: https://goo.gl/maps/K2KkfQSF47p

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  1. hi i follow the series here in Tauranga New Zealand you was on about the store tesco, was wondering why somebody has not started a mobile shop selling grocery’s etc, and just cruise having one big enough to live aboard. tin food, package food,freezers with chicken, meat the list goes on, what are your thought’s cheers Terry.

    • No real need for it because the canals wind their way through a lot of towns and villages so you can just moor and pop to the shop for groceries! Cheers. Also freezers draw a lot of power, which is a scarce resource on a boat even with solar.

  2. Very nice video David. Thank you for sharing ;)

  3. The offside mooring at the southern end of Weedon leads directly to a steep set of steps down to the churchyard and into the older end of the village. There are a few shops still in business but a fuller topup of the larder does require the tesco you mentioned. Also worth visiting the former Ordnance Factory when you have time.

    • Hi Mike. Yes, I’ve been to the Ordnance Depot a handful of times; bought a couple of books from the second-hand book shop in there last time. I think they now have a new visitor centre open too.

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