Vlog 138: Clean Sweep

After all the work I went to last year in re-sealing the chimney collar on my narrowboat, I was disappointed during winter to find white grungy muck dribbling down the flue inside the boat onto the top of the stove.

Upon inspection it appeared that muck from the fire fumes was condensing on the inside skin of the outer leaf of the chimney, and falling back down into the collar, forming as crud on the sealant ‘twixt collar and flue.

This was down to a badly fitting and broken chimney in which the inner leaf had come apart. Rather than buy an off the shelf replacement which might also not have fitted well, I opted to get a custom-made replacement.

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  1. But the guy is using micrometers as g clamps!!
    In engineering terms that’s about as bad as it gets…
    Get sacked for less in an engineering shop.
    Buy him some proper clamps somebody please!
    I had to turn off..

  2. That is a PROPER JOB , and as they say in Scotland LANG MAY YOUR LUM REEK .
    PS i’m not Scotish.

  3. Wow! He is not exaggerating when he claims these are bespoke. The care and craftsmanship are Top Drawer, something to really be proud of. Another excellent video David.

  4. Do you have to sweep the chimney often, and does the “crud” vary depending on which coal/wood you burn?

    • Apart from kindling I only burn coal so not sure about that. As for types of coal, I only discovered the crud at the end of last winter so not sure whether any particular type is worse than any other. I do clean the chimney a couple of times a year.

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