Vlog 137: Horse power

On a beautiful sunny day in June I drove to Wales for an experience of the canals as they used to be, with the boat drawn by horse! The animal in question is called Cracker and he works for Bywater Cruises (www.bywatercruises.com).

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  1. I did try to send you a link to pictures of the Clydebank drop lock where the Forth and Clyde canal goes under the A814, but your software thought I was sending spam! If you ARE interested, just Google “Clydebank Drop Lock”.

    • Cheers Jim. I have very little control over the “anti spam” filter on this site, it just does its own thing. I’ll use your suggestion and Google.

  2. David,
    Please post a new vlog soon. I’m going through withdrawal. I love your work.

  3. I think I see steel rails on the towpath in the final scenes of this video. They seem to be in quite good conditions despite disuse. What was their purpose?

  4. Speaking of canal restoration — have you ever considered spending a day filming at one of the Waterways Recovery Group’s work camps?

  5. Very nicely filmed and edited. Are you applying to be our Head of News ?

    • Haha, goodness me no although I always thought I could do it ;-) Now how about you doing it, that would be hilarious!

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