Vlog 136: Drawing Current

Following a few recent questions and comments from viewers, here is a beginners guide to how electrics work on a narrowboat. It may also have general relevance to people in campervans, motorhomes, caravans and RVs although there are slight differences but the gist is similar.

Please note I am not a qualified boat electrician and I have intentionally kept this superficial and left some things out so as to keep it simple for novices.

Please also direct questions not in the comments but to the 12 Volt Boating group on Facebook, which is at www.facebook.com/groups/144684286108763/

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  1. Hello thank you for a really informative video, greatly appreciated :)
    one question @13:23 you say you shouldn’t connect to the hull to use it as the return but run the black cables back my question back and connect to where?

    thank you

    • Back to the battery bank. Often a bus bar is used to connect multiple wires. Also remember there should be a common negative commection to the hull from the batteries. If this is not something you are familiar and clear about, you must consult a qualified boat electrician.

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