Vlog 126: Back to Black

This vlog picks up immediately where the last one left off, as I head from Hillmorton Wharf to Yelvertoft marina where I had the boat taken out of the water and into their shiny new boat shed for blacking. I let New Gary jetwash the boat clean but did the blacking myself, a coat each day for three days, after first scraping any loose crud off and applying a rust treatment to the waterline. After that, New Gary welded on some fresh anodes including flat ones on the centre of the boat sides.

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  1. hi there i am planing to build a wooden canal boat out of scrap wood its been in the planing for years and allways been a dream of mine plz let me know what you think thanks

  2. Michael Higgins

    Why is the song . . . Black is Black by Los Bravos going through my head . . .

  3. Michael Higgins

    A lot of effort went into this David, and you are to be congratulated from DYI Heaven for your stolid fortitude! I also agree totally with your decision to add the two extra Anodes at the midpoint of the hull money I believe, well spent. I’m sure this video is of a great benefit to many, who are considering their own DYI Blacking job. Well done!

  4. I have tried your link to Colin Jacques vlog but it returns an error note. I think that you have left the ‘c’ out of his name.

  5. Hi David something unrelated but help would be appreciated. I’m getting a boat built and I picked up a lovely lister lpw4s same as yours my question is what size is your prop? My paperwork said 18-12 with ? After it. The shell is 57 feet hope you can help regards Terry

  6. Hi David

    After having been following you for monks it is this video I decide to comment on…the special effects made my day haha! But in all honesty keep up the good work, I’m currently boat shopping and all the vids will be a wealth of knowledge to me I’m sure.

  7. Great Vlog! So I calculate it was 5 or 6 days in the shed, plus rust treatment plus blacking paint. How much did it all cost?

    Also, did you stay in the Boat while it was in the shed?

    – Karl

    • I did stay aboard although I was not allowed to light the fire or use the gas due to the boat being in an “enclosed” (sort of!) space.

  8. Thanks for another interesting VLOG Davit.

    The hammering on the weld is to remove the slag that comes with the steel of the welding rod. This slag protects the molten steel as the weld forms but it must be removed once the weld has cooled a little. Removing the slag allows for more weld steel to be bonded over the initial weld. The slag is also somewhat perversely corrosive. While it protects the hot, molten weld steel, the slag contains ions that promote corrosion once the welded metal is back in the environment. Lastly and most importantly for a rubbish welder such as myself, chipping off the slag allow the weld to be inspected to check that it’s strong enough and in the correct place.

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