Vlog 118: Bob Cratchit

A bit of DIY and a product review in this video as I think back to when I was moored over the summer and took the cratch cover off, firstly to kill off the algae growing on it (courtesy a free review product from Kinver Canopies, who nonetheless had no say in the editorial content of my review), secondly to clean it, and thirdly to re-waterproof the canvas.

Kinver Canopies: www.kinvercanopies.co.uk
Renovo ultraproofer: https://geni.us/CtC_RenovoUltraProofer
Renovo canvas cleaner: https://geni.us/CtC_RenovoCleaner

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  1. Good canvas as yours seemed to be is interesting. From experience you can scrub until your hands fall off an you will not get the deep embedded dirt out of the weave.
    It might have been worth the cost of renting a pressure washer if you did not have access and washing it in situ on the boat and then letting it dry.
    My bet is it would have come clean as clearly the window material was in good condition and the dye of the fabric still full of chroma so the fabric would withstand the washer.

  2. Michael Higgins

    Maybe a video on restoring the finish to the (Teak?) Table inside the Wheel Deck may be in order. I once restored the Teak Splash Board and Hatch cover on a small sailboat. The product which I bought (Three separate bottles I think) worked fabulously. The Teak was grey and very oxidized. The cleaner stripped all the oxidation off with gentle brushing, using a wire brush. The wood was re-stained and looked brand-new. I believe an oil finish of some sort was applied to seal the deal.

  3. Simple Spray is a canvas waterproofing solution which is not very expensive and is available in colours.

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