Vlog 117: I’m Fired!

With my summer cruising for 2017 all complete, in this video I sit down by the roaring stove and give a general update on where I am, what I’m up to and what’s coming in future vlogs.

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Special secret video, not released on the channel, only for those people who actually read the video description: https://youtu.be/5i4vAHF6qhk

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  1. David, your problem is people no longer have an attention span in excess of about 140 characters. My experience is I can actually hand people a hard copy of minutes of meeting and they cannot spend the time to read it.

  2. Looks more like Ladywood Top Lock, not Hawford Top Lock – which is right sown just before the River Severn. Unless I am mistaken.

  3. Hi David, regarding your quest for more subscribers, correct me if I’m wrong but is it possible to create a link whereby we can just click on ” send to a friend ” or may be you already have. Could it be I am having a senior moment !!! Just going off to look and subscribe to Vandermonium. Lovelyjubly. Brgds. Alex

  4. Impressed you’re now looking to up a campervan – does this mean you’re running out of things to keep you busy on the boat, or are you seeking new challenges!

  5. Hi David,
    I listened to your plea and subscribed, so you are now one subscriber closer to hitting your 25k target. I checked your Q&A section before asking this question, which may along the lines of my previous hitchhiking question. I watched a you tube video of someone crossing the English Channel in a narrowboat, not the safest way to travel but they made it. Is there any ferry type service that would take narrowboats across to France? The reason I ask is that it would seem like a great way to spend the winter heading down to warmer weather near the Mediterranean. All the best and keep up the interesting vlogs

    • Hello. Thanks for the sub. I’m not aware of any ferry service to transport narrowboats across the Channel; I think you’d have to pay (probably a lot) to a specialised boat exporter of some kind, or sail the boat across (not advised as they’re not suitable for it)

  6. Even after your “complaining” (not) I love your sense of humor and your good honesty. California Girl

  7. Hi David

    An excellent vlog as usual. I think it is more than a few hundred yards from Brentford up the Thames to Teddington where it stops being tidal. More like 5 miles.

    How about a diversion to explore the Wey Navigation and the Basingstoke Canal on your southerly loop? Both very rural and beautiful.


    • Ha! I was told by a lockie down there that it was barely a brief journey of a few hundred yards! As for the Wey and Basingstoke, I’m not sure. Not sure if I’ll even get that far to start with, it’s early days in the planning so far.

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