Vlog 115: Lockbuster

It’s the penultimate vlog from my Great 2017 Cruise and a short hop up the South Stratford canal from Preston Bagot, through Lowsonford and up to Kingswood Junction at Lapworth. Here I turned east along the Lapworth Link and out onto the Grand Union canal before pausing for the night.

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  1. Can you access the ladder in the lock from your stern, or do you have to climb onto the roof ?

    • It depends very much on the lock as to where the ladders are. If you’re reluctant to climb on the roof, you can try walking sideways along the gunwales to reach the ladder. In double locks, I generally try to drop the boat into neutral, drifting forward, and jump off the boat just before it goes in as there’s usually a path or steps up so you run up alongside the boat as it drifts in (remembering to take a line up with you!!)

  2. there is something about your vlogs that stirs the inner self. I was fortunate to narrow boat the welsh canals this past April and now have a strong urge to “do it again”. Most of that urge is coming from your always interesting and pleasantly presented Vlogs…..thanks for keeping up the effort…I look forward to many more. all the best…now I have to go and change the oil in my sailboat..boating….no life like it!!

  3. Another great VLOG. Where to after this trip. Brgds. Alex

  4. Ahoy ! Still walking alongside, presumably on the towpath. We look forward to stepping aboard our new narrowboat next may at Swanley Bridge Marina and, perhaps, crossing the Pontcysyllte with you. Hope your summer cruising respite is both productive AND lucrative !

  5. I really enjoy these videos. Hopefully our next visit to the UK will allow time to explore the canals. Thanks.

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