Vlog 112a: Zzzzz

This is not a vlog. Consider it a bonus video that I happened to have time to compile and put up as a bit of extra footage. There’s no music, no commentary, no captions – this is all deliberate. It’s just the canal views and the “music” of the wildlife and the engine.

These scenes were filmed on the Staffordshire and Worcestershire canal earlier in the year (see my vlogs 103, 105 & 106 for the vlog version with commentary)

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  1. Hi David, I am only up to vlog 102A but just wanted to say I’ve spent a very nice week viewing all your informative videos on canal life. Thank you. I would like to ask a few questions that might make for further vlogs.

    1. People who sell goods from their boats, be it cheese, knick knacks etc, or even the folks who put plastic windows in the cover at the front of your boat, what kind of permission/license do they require and can they actually survive from that kind of income?

    2. Do you have a name for your boat or is it a secret? Some boats have names and numbers on the side for identification, how is naming done and do name changes etc go on a register or your boat tax card (is there such a thing)?

    3. Lastly how do you engage a boat painter and decide on a pattern? What are the charges like? Are there any restrictions so people don’t go mad with crazy designs?

    Thanks for answering. Happy boating and continue the excellent work.

    • Hello. I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos. Traders need a specific commercial boat licence from the Canal and River Trust (I’m assuming we’re dealing with boats on CRT waters here rather than EA or any other waterways). No idea about what kind of incomes they get but like all businesses it will depend on demand, how much effort they put into it and the quality of goods and service. It will never make anyone rich, I suspect.

      I keep my boat’s name as private as I can for security and privacy. All you have to do is tell the CRT and have the name and number painted on the side to a minimum size (most boat names are painteed much bigger than required). Your boat licence does show the name also, and must be displayed on both sides of the boat, typically in the window. The CRT keep a register of boat numbers/names.

      You engage a painter as you would any other trader; find one you like and set them loose. I can’t tell you about charges as it would depend on the painter and what you wanted done. A full boat repaint (purely painting the cabin sides and top rather tha decorative sign-writing, which is a different skill) costs several thousand pounds.


  2. Great non vlog. Enjoyed the beautiful scenery and sounds. I came across the series Great Canal Journeys with Timothy West and Prunella Scales and enjoying them as much as your vlogs. Have you ever crossed paths with them while out on the canals?
    Keep up the good work, you are a great ambassador for your country’s national treasure.

    • Thank you. I’ve never been bumped into by Tim and Pru but they moor their boat near where I am and I know they’ve brought it along bits of the canal that I frequent. Cheers

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