Vlog 111: Memory Lane

This is the start of my trip up the River Avon from Tewkesbury to Stratford-upon-Avon. In this episode I leave Tewkesbury and go past three sailing clubs as well as the mooring our family used to use at Bredon, before tackling two ferocious locks and mooring for the night in a tranquil corner of the countryside at Comberton Quay.

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  1. Michael Higgins

    Some awesome shared boyhood memories and an interesting look at the uniqueness of the Avon. Well done David.

  2. Hi David

    A comment on your problem at Nafford Lock where the two dogs barked at you. Rather than push the bow out, which may be difficult especially if the wind is pushing in, or pulling the bow across, which may not be possible due to access, you could spring the bow off. Moor your stern to a bollard just forward of the stern with just one turn and bring the end back to the boat for quick release. Then drive the boat backwards against this rope and the bow should swing out away from the mooring. When the boat is pointing in the direction you want to go, let go the mooring line and drive off. You can do the same thing at the stern by tying the bow back to a bollard or ring and driving forward. Very useful if you are single-handing in windy conditions.


    • Hi. Thank you! Yes, I’m aware of springing off but as I recall (though I may be wrong as I was all hot and bothered at the time) there wasn’t a suitable bollard. Also, until I subsequently realised it wasn’t going to make it, I had thought that pushing it off manually was going to be sufficient! Cheers

  3. Hi….been enjoying your vlogs for months now and it helped with our month long narrowboat adventure in April of this year….wondering if you had the time to include in your vlogs….a point of interest in one of the communities you pass through….England and Wales have such a long and complicated history, it would be great for us antipodeans to hear about this castle or that mill or whatever…..just a thought, but enjoy the videos just the same

    • Hi. Glad you like them. I do include some points of interest but it depends on me knowing what they are or knowing to film them in the first place. Also, I definitely don’t want to turn the channel into a history vlog or general “England tour” channel. The next vlog, still being edited, for example does include a bit of history as did the recent one in Droitwich.

  4. The last large “cow” that you showed drinking from the river appears in fact to be a bull, noting the ring in it’s nose.
    Many thanks your your vlogs which i find very entertaining and informative, having travelled some of the same journeys in various hire boats.

  5. Well you have another winner. Don’t mind your reminiscing, it all adds to the character of your vlog. Happy Avoning

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