Vlog 109: Avon Calling

After 48 hours on the visitor mooring at Netherwich Basin in Droitwich Spa, I reversed my path up the Droitwich Barge Canal and headed back out downstream on the River Severn.

I went through Worcester, past Upton-on-Severn and into the River Avon at Tewkesbury, having executed dramatic overtaking manoeuvres. battled loose logs and coped with any army of tiny spiders.

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  1. My guess is that the arrow pointing to the right which you commented on at 2:11 onwards was meant to be a ‘keep right’ sign rather than a ‘turn right’ sign, so that if the river was running a bit high, boats passing the entrance to the weir stream on the left just above the lock would not be drawn towards it. But I would agree that it is ambiguous,and the two words ‘Keep Right’ on a sign would be better.

    • Cheers. Yes, my comment about the sign was a bit tongue in cheek because as soon as the weir comes into view it’s apparent what the sign is indicating but as you approach, the weir wasn’t visible!! Cheers

  2. Poltergeist.

    Entering the lock the boat will send a wave of water forward. This will reflect off the gates forward. Possibly the boat will tend to go ‘beam on’ to the reflected wave. The part of the wave going into the narrow between boat and wall will compress, pushing sideways against the boat.

  3. Hi
    Having visited Bath last week (not on a boat) and peered into the deep lock as a narrowboat went through, how difficult have you found climbing up the very wet and slippery ladders when there isn’t a lockie around to help? Looks awfully scarey to me!
    Another great vlog

    • They can be very slippery and there is nothing for it but to be extremely careful, take time and make yourself check off, step by step, that one foot is up and secure before you move the next one or your hands etc. Just have to be careful.

  4. Hi,
    I think the cable thing on the River Severn is a river monitoring station run by the Environment Agency. The cable carries a trolley from which a flow meter can be lowered into the river. This allows flows to be measured at various points across the river and at various depths. Enjoying the blog, keep up the good work.

  5. Another great video. Thank you.

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