Vlog 93: Shugadelic, baby

In this vlog, I move on from Fradley Junction, take a sharp 90 degree turn to the right and start heading North West, still on the Trent and Mersey canal, up towards Shugborough. En route, I get a haircut in Rugeley, go past the Staffs and Worcester canal at Great Haywood, and despair of the plastic waste drifting along the canal.

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  1. Hi David,
    Loving your vlogs.
    I’m 48 years old and and having exactly the same experience you had at 47!
    I’m an F1 photographer covering the entire F1 season all around the globe, loving my job but wanting more, well less actually.
    I’ve a 15 year old daughter who is really only requiring my services for a few more years before she ventures off to uni in about three years.
    I’m divorced and totally free to do what i like so am hopefully buying a lovely narrowboat in a couple of weeks subject to a survey to test the waters for the next few years with the view to moving on board permanently and either renting out my house or selling everything to be free of any material debt etc.
    I’m interested to see how you’re getting on and if you feel this could be a permanent way of life as it really does appeal to me.
    I was planning on quitting F1 in 1998 and moving to India to become a wildlife photographer as I had the most wonderful 4 week trip there that year experiencing magic for the first time.
    I hired a narrowboat for a week in March this year and crusied the Ashby Canal alone which brought back memories of that trip to India.
    So here I am about the follow my dream and am very interested to hear how you are getting along away from the vlog.
    All the best

    • I’m certainly enjoying life afloat and intend to continue for the foreseeable future. Whether it’s right for you, only you can say! Clearly you’ve tried it and like it so why not give it a go but formulate a Plan B just in case. Hope the survey turns out well for you. Cheers

  2. Nigel Crisp in Tasmania

    Hope your planning on buying a zimmer frame for your old age, because our place is addicted to your vlogs by now & we naively pretend you’ll keep this up for years yet.
    Just so you know, your narration I think merges well with the video and makes for a very pleasant 10 minutes or so experience, and the scenery in this vlog is I think the best yet.
    Just wondered if and when you voted, and where-a-bouts too ?

    • Thank you, glad you’re enjoying the videos. Boaters can vote by post or by proxy; they can either nominate a location with which they have an affiliation or if they still have a home base (eg if they still own a house as well), can vote for that location. Cheers

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