Vlog 91: Going for a Burton

As I continue along the Trent & Mersey canal on my narrowboat, I need to get some coal – the early April evenings are still a bit chilly sometimes – as well as kindling, a new Calor gas cylinder and most vitally of all, do a load of laundry. So I stop at Barton Turns marina for those essentials as well as popping into PC World in Burton-on-Trent for a portable hard disc to offload loads of old vlogs onto; my poor old laptop is filling up!

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  1. Below a link to a few pictures from an Alrewas walk in November 2005, including the Church of St. Leonard at Wychnor, the Trent and Mersey Canal including the dreaded Weir, and a nice example of ancient ridge and furrow. If you stop for any length of time at Alrewas a short distance away is the National Memorial Arboretum and well worth a visit.


  2. Enjoying the regular blogs. To answer your question about the byweir at the lock, one notable thing is that it has a gauging station in the weir (Green box about half way down) to measure the volume of water flowing from the canal into the river.

    • Ah, thank you. Many years ago I used to write software for water monitoring telemetry controllers so I ought to have guessed that really! Cheers.

  3. Another good vlog. Spent the last two weeks watching all your vlogs. In preparation of our canal boat holiday in September we will be going from Leighton Buzzard up to Gayton Junction and back which means going through the Blisworth Tunnel.

    • Thank you. Hope you have a great time. My top tip is to have a broad-beam torch (floodlight rather than spotlight) at the back with you, aim it up and ahead a little and it makes tunnels a lot easier as you can see the sides in relation to the boat! Cheers

  4. Fishing.
    To fish in England & Wales requires two fishing licences, E.A. Rod & Line Licence, secondly a fishing ticket from the local fishing Club or the owner of the fishing rights on the river, canal or lake.

    In England and Wales there is what is known as a Closed Season for rivers, from 15th March to the 15th June inclusive. There may be Closed Seasons on some canals and lakes also.
    The type of fishing on canals is known as Course Fishing, you return your catch to the water alive and treat each fish you catch with care. Course Fishing is done also on rivers and lakes. Course licences also allow one to fish for non migratory trout from lakes and ponds where you will have a catch and size limit.

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