Vlog 88: Fuel if you think it’s over

My voyage down the River Soar in Leicestershire continues, this time going from Loughborough up to Ratcliffe lock. On the way we – me and my convoy pals Alan, Wendy and the dogs Max and Monty – encounter Many Interesting Things.

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  1. I wonder if this was one of those three boats referred to on the warning sign:

    Always a cautionary tale to make one hypervigilant when operating the paddles on a lock.

  2. Derrick Harvey

    your vlogs were an inspiration to get off my duff and book a boat….we did just that for the last two weeks of April….mostly in Wales and up around chester…..a lot of information was gleaned from your vlogs….so big claps on the back for you……this week its back to sailboats on the west coast of Canada……but if I keep watching your episodes….I might find my way back to Beeston castle again in the not too distant future….thank you for your efforts…and happy motoring….

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