Vlog 86: Weir on a river!

After much anticipation, and a cruise up to Kilby from Braunston, I am finally ready to attack my first river on the narrowboat. It’s the River Soar which runs through Leicester and I’m being joined by another boat to ease my fears of river boating.

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  1. HI great vlog as always. You refer to your new anchor and I’m sure I’ve seen you talk about it in more depth but cannot find the relevant vlog number. Please can you advise as we will be crossing the River Ribble in mid-June as novices so think an anchor is definitely required for peace of mind.
    Many thanks
    Sue & Dave

    • Hi. I don’t recall discussing it in much depth (but I may have forgotten), sorry. You definitely need one for rivers and there’s a whole host of things to know about it. If you Google “narrowboat anchor for rivers”, it comes up with loads of useful links. Cheers.

  2. Enjoyed…. as usual.Now you know what rubbish looks like in the cut ! But what you went through seems nothing compared with what we had those years ago in the Birmingham area. More rubbish…. but NO graffiti !¬

    Cheers !
    Frank alias Diomede

  3. Always a joy to watch, seems more of you are taking to boat life, must be fun and I hope you all travel and make more Vlogs for us to watch. Tell us what programs you use for your editing and maybe a demo. Thanks again :)

    • I use Sony Vegas Pro 13 with effects from Boris FX (BCC10). I won’t do a demo on the channel as this is all about narrowboating, I don’t want to divert off into tech stuff. Lots of stuff on YouTube about Vegas though (NB it’s now owned by a German firm called Magix and is on v14 but I didn’t upgrade as it’s got various bugs it seems.

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