85A. Not a Vlog

This is not a vlog. This is a bonus extra video (wooo!) since the weekend I did this jaunt was so sunny and lovely, and I had so much extra footage I couldn’t fit into the last vlog so this is a pure compilation of scenic footage from the trip from Crick, past Yelvertoft up to Foxton and on to Kilby on my narrowboat.

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  1. David, I’m working my way through your vlogs in this lockdown period enjoying each and every one. I’m able to walk the canal (Grand Union) and reservoirs as I live (in a house) on the GU summit at Bulbourne. Today the under restoration Wendover Arm water was so clear you could see the bottom clearly. This tells me all you narrowboaters are being good boys and girls and staying put. But how do you fill your days? I’m working from vlog zero up so there may be a vlog on the subject waiting for me. Thanks again and when you’re next in Bulbourne let me know, lunch in small token gratitude at the Grand Junction Arms.

    • I am filming and editing videos for both CtC and my van channel (and adapting my old videos for Prime Video, which is taking a lot of time)! Cheers for the kind offer.

  2. Michael Higgins

    David, I don’t know what you did differently with your hair here but . . . it looks AWESOME! I think you look five years younger.

  3. Far better than Gilligan’s three hour tour ;-]

  4. What a wonderful collection of scenery! This was the route I took on my first ever time on a narrowboat, which happened to coincide with pristine weather conditions, and although I have had many further narrowboat holidays and seen many of the wonders of the cut, I would say that this very route between Crick and Foxton Locks has the greatest amount of tranquility (ie. beautiful scenery per narrow boat passed) I have experienced on the canal system.

    So shhhh. Don’t tell everyone!

    • Although I’ve travelled relatively little of the system so far, this is definitely my favourite. It’s less good above Foxton, I reckon. And yes, there was a part of me that wondered if I shouldn’t keep this video for myself!!

  5. Hello, David.

    I found your website yesterday and signed up immediately. I’m an American living in the Pacific Northwest, which is one of the greenest locations in the US and similar in weather to England. Your is one of the loveliest vlogs I have seen and thank you for sharing the gorgeous canal and countryside in this “non-vlog” addition from your leftover film.

    Longboats are such an intriguing way to travel and seem such a restful means of living, granted the maintenance and water-specific limits. Congratulations to you on this amazing choice and for sharing it with us. It will be a pleasure to visit your vlogs of the past 2 1/2 years.

    Best wishes.

    • What a lovely comment and I’m so pleased you enjoy the videos. Just one small clarification if I may though, they’re not “longboats” – those are what the Vikings used to roam around in. These are narrowboats. Cheers.

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